10 Magical Things That Happen When You Stop Living On Everyone Else’s Terms

Sooner or later, there will come a moment when you’ll realize that the only person who is allowed to have a say over your life or your future is actually just you. Hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll realize that other people’s opinion about what you do and who you are really does not matter. And when that sweet magical moment comes, here’s what will actually happen.

1. You will catch yourself smiling for no reason

Trust me. As soon as you stop living in fear of either upsetting, hurting, or displeasing someone, you’ll go about your days happy and relaxed as can be.

2. You will stand up and speak up for yourself

After the need to satisfy everybody else’s needs but your own disappears, you will become fiercely protective of yourself and realize how easy it actually is to speak your mind and stand up for your own needs.

3. Your physical AND mental health will improve

When you stop living on everyone else’s terms, your body catches up on that and so does your mind.

4. You will understand that you may need to burn some bridges in order to create new and better paths

Cutting toxic ties might seem hard at first, but once you do it, you’ll see that you really didn’t have anything to lose. On the contrary, you gain a lot.

5. You will actually treat and love yourself the way you deserved to be treated and loved all along

You should never ever love anybody more than you love yourself. You are the only true constant in your life and you need to be protected by yourself first.

6. You will attract better people around you

Good energy attracts better energy. Always.

7. You will get on people’s nerves and that’s alright

Rest assured, there will always be people who aren’t so impressed by your newfound confidence and freedom. But you really don’t care about them anymore, do you?

8. You might actually land your dream job

Once you realize how amazing and deserving you truly are, nothing can possibly stand in your way anymore.

9. You will never feel the need to look back ever again

That old you is dead and gone, so why linger on ghosts?

10. But if you do, you’ll see that it was all worth it

Acknowledge your past. Learn from your mistakes. Praise your achievements. Pat yourself on the back for surviving through all of that and move on. It’s time. 

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