7 Things You Need To Know About Creatives

1. Creatives live more in their heads than in the real world

Their minds are beautiful. It’s full of various colorful ideas and thoughts—that’s why you find them a bit detached from reality, because they like to stay in their heads for a long period of time. And that’s how they come out with creative, out-of-this-world ideas.

2. They like to spend a lot of time alone

They like to give themselves this alone time in order to be able to think and create freely without the distractions of other people and the outer world. This space and time are what make them able to come up with so many things.

3. They find inspiration in the smallest things

They find it in the things that most people find so ordinary, yet to them it can be a huge inspiration, and not everyone will get that. People won’t get why they are so amused or so inspired by something so ordinary and mundane. They find muses in the things a lot of people don’t expect—the beautiful part is you might be their muse without even knowing.

4. They are very expressive

Maybe not always verbally, but they tend to always find a creative way to express their emotions and let it out, one way or another.

5. They are unexpected

Don’t expect them to follow the rules or go with the crowd, because this can be such a hard thing for a creative to do most of the time. They like freedom; they like to go out of their way and discover new things. They like to go off of the road and even draw a whole new one for themselves.

They can sometimes like randomness and chaos, because orders, rules, and schedules can make them feel suffocated and can be standing in the way of letting them go wild with their imagination.

6. They like to discover

You’ll always find them curious, wanting to know more and discover more. They like to see new things and experience new feelings because this can ignite a spark in them that will let them create insanely beautiful things.

7. They are sentimental and intimate

They hate mediocre things and things without meaning. They can’t do it. They’re so sentimental because they find meaning in everything and tend to think in a very romantic way regarding so many things in life.

They like to be intimate. They can’t be cold or have superficial relationships—it’s just not who they are. And just like they are creative in a lot of things regarding their work and what they create, they also tend to be pretty creative in other aspects as well, like relationships. So expect your relationship with a creative to be full of a lot of surprising things.

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