A Beginner’s Guide To Emotionally Decluttering

We’re always so overwhelmed with organization videos and series that satisfy whatever obsession we have with perfection – something we will never reach. As humans, some of us like when everything is spotless and arranged, while others only function in chaos and disorder. However, no one tells you this but emotional declutter is far more important than sorting out your closet or drawers. Some people avoid their emotions and call it a good mindset. But that’s not how it works. Avoidance does not heal you or make you grow. You can keep abandoning yourself for the comfort of others, but that will only leave you stuck in unhealthy cycles.

Start with Acceptance

Accepting yourself and your thoughts is the first step of growth. When you accept who you are and acknowledge your weaknesses, you will be able to move on from them and turn them into strengths. Please stop denying and rejecting your negative emotions. Stop running away from your fears. Do what scares you – the more it does, the more you’ll benefit. Claim back control over yourself as a whole, and most importantly, don’t feel guilty about anything. Accept that you are trying to fill some void in you, but also accept that clutter does not and will not fill your void. That feeling of emptiness comes from the need of comfort, security, and validation, and no amount of clutter will ever cover that. No one will comfort or validate you; you have to do it yourself. Decide exactly what you want for your life and accept that you are worthy of reaching it.

Go On To Organize

Just like any spring cleaning, you have to divide your emotions, entourage, and thoughts into two piles:

1. What to keep.

2. What to get rid of.

To declutter is not an easy exercise, probably the hardest ever. Sometimes it takes you a lifetime to figure it out. But another way of looking at this is keeping what brings you value and good energy and getting rid of all that drains and sucks that energy out of you. Keep what lifts you up and empowers you and throw away whatever pushes you down and crushes your spirits. Focus on what you want from life and let go of any distractions that stop or hold you back.

With every single thing that you move, I promise you that you will feel lightness and freedom. There is something very satisfying about organizing everything into color or shade or whatever, but keeping what gives life to your soul is a whole other level. You will feel rejuvenated and capable of greatness. You will resonate with life again, and your vibe will match the life you desire.

Let It Go

Holding a cup of water for one minute doesn’t make it heavy. Holding that same cup for 24 hours tires you. The longer you hold on to your baggage, the heavier it becomes. So stop holding on to what doesn’t serve you anymore and to people who aren’t holding on to you either.

Struggling doesn’t mean failure. Struggling means to successfully and wholeheartedly not give up. Make sure you choose a journey of value, freedom, unconventional behavior, and new experiences. Explore and expand. Seek adventure and novelty, but also implement routine and discipline.

Desire change, and desire commitment to yourself. Declutter.

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