Are you cleaning your mask properly? Dos and Don’ts of mask hygiene

In the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not uncommon to find a dirty mask in the bottom of your bag or a bunch of used ones sitting in the laundry basket.

Canada’s second wave of COVID-19 cases calls for Canadians to use their masks with precaution, experts say.

While it can be exhausting to clean your mask after a tiring day, cleaning expert Melissa Maker recently shared simple tips to keep masks clean on The Morning Show.

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She says disposable masks should not be washed for re-use and should be disposed of responsibly.

It is important to remember that while sharing is caring, anyone else’s masks should not be “touched or shared.”

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“Do not take off your mask before washing your hands first,” she said. “Clean your hands afterward to avoid germs.”

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She recommends carrying multiple masks in separate bags to keep dirty and clean masks apart.

“They’re great for kids to take to schools as well and avoid cross-contamination,” Maker said.

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She said labelling and colour or pattern coding masks keeps it simple for all family members.

The cleaning expert said the key to washing reusable masks is to use unscented detergent and hot water.

“If you don’t have access to a washing machine, leave the mask in hot water for 10 minutes before handwashing,” she added.

To learn more about how to maintain mask hygiene, watch the full video above.

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