Boss Hands an Envelope to Each Employee Gathered at Company Holiday Party – No One Could Have Guessed What It Contained

Everyone knows that at the end of every calendar year reigns the holiday season filled with wonderment and feel-good energy for family and friends.

The season of giving also happened to not be missed by one real estate company who gave their employees a gift of a lifetime — a $10 million bonus to share.

A Memorable Holiday Party 

St. John Properties/Vimeo

In 2019, Baltimore, Maryland-based real estate company St. John Properties hosted their annual holiday party filled with great vibes, food, drinks and great socializing for their nearly 200 employees.

And while everyone was having a good time, they were handed red envelopes with their names on them. But no one could even guess what was inside each of them.

The Surprise Fortunes

man hugging a blond haired woman
St. John Properties founder Edward St. John hugging an employee following the announcement/ Vimeo.

“You’re all participating in a bonus based on the number of years (of service within the company) of $10 million,” said Edward St. John, the company founder and chairman.

Many of the employees were surprised to discover that they’d be taking home a whopping $50,000 while the highest awarded bonus was $270,000.

Fortunately, this whole moment was filmed and shared on St. John Properties Vimeo account, showing several employees overcome with emotion over the pretty penny they received at the party.

“It is life-changing… it’s really amazing. Ed is so generous,” said one employee crying with tears of joy.

“I was totally blown away when this happened,” another said.

The Big Celebration of the Company’s Achievements

According to St. John Properties, the holiday bonus was given out to commemorate their massive achievement of creating and growing 20 million square feet of real estate, retail and office space within eight states at the time.

What a way to add a dash of sweetness to the festive season!

St. John’s Properties now has properties in 11 states: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

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