Breaking news: Think Productive Head of Brand admits to overtime

Reports of overtime at the UK’s leading authority on productivity and wellbeing transformation, have been confirmed by Head of Brand, Jessica Scott.

She told the Inside Track*, “Yes, it’s true. Over the weekend I actually worked into the night to get our new website launched.”

Surprising rumours have been circulating that the productivity experts had broken their own “Human, not Superhero” company value, after a screenshot emerged of a WhatsApp chat between Scott and Think Productive MD, Elena Kerrigan.

The Whatsapp conversation contained the shocking revelation that Scott had found her overtime “exciting”, because it was so “rare” at Think Productive.

Think Productive has been a long-time champion of good work-life balance. To see their Head of Brand so blatantly break with convention has sent shock waves through the industry.

“I know overtime and long hours without a break are unsustainable for good health and productivity, but this was very much a one-off. We were going live with our website, and it made sense to work over the weekend whilst website traffic was low. We got some pizza and beers on the company credit card and listened to the Hamilton soundtrack.”

Scott went on, “We’re just so excited about the new site, and the broader expertise we’re now offering our clients. We’ve always been known as the “Productivity Ninja” people, and that’s brilliant, but we don’t want to be boxed in. We’ve built up an amazing network of experts over the years and we can help our clients in so many more ways. It’s time to get that message out!”

Kerrigan added: “We’re broadening how we can help our Clients. As well as the Productivity and Wellbeing programmes that our Clients know and love, they can now come to us for Leadership & Inspiration, Managing People, and other complementary subject areas. Over the coming months, we’ll be bringing in more topics and star speakers onto the site. And of course, our wonderful Clients will continue to get the exceptional account services they know and love from us.”

It seems the beer, pizza and music worked a treat as the site went live without a hitch. The team are pumped and ready to roll with their shiny new offerings. “Have a look around, we’re open for business!” smiled Scott.

Elena Kerrigan, reporting for The Inside Track.

What’s the Inside Track?

*The Inside Track is our MD Elena Kerrigan’s monthly newsletter where she shares some behind-the-scenes thoughts and questions exclusively with our wonderfully discerning Clients. This month we’re giving our lovely blog readers a peek too!*


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