Couple Surprises Soon-To-Be Grandma With A Touching Baby Announcement With Help From Scrabble

There comes a time in every couple’s lives when people begin to question whether or not they are going to have children. After saying “I do,” many couples face the comments and prying into beginning a family together.

Despite how challenging getting pregnant can truly be, people still push and expect a couple to bring life into the world almost immediately.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works for every couple. It takes a bit more time for some couples to conceive. Although everyone does mean well when they ask, “when are you having a baby,” not everyone realizes how much pressure that it can put on them.

A Baby on the Way Finally

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Five years after their wedding, Mike and Sarah Arroyo were still receiving those dreaded baby questions. The couple knew that their families were anxiously awaiting the moment when they would reveal that they were expecting. Mike shared that their families had pretty much given up on the whole baby talk for a while. 

Then, Sarah found out that the two were expecting their first baby together. The couple knew that they had to tell their families in a very special and meaningful way. Anyone can share the good news that they are expecting, but both Mike and Sarah wanted to make it a bit more special. 

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Originally, Mike shared the good news on Instagram with friends and followers. He shared that he and Sarah had been trying for over a year with no success. The process made them both feel nervous that they should be checked out. But, as it turns out, some things in life just take a little extra time. 

Mike wanted to, of course, share the good news with his family—especially his mom. Mike shared with Instagram followers that this baby happened to be his mother’s first grandchild. Of course, he wanted to announce the expecting baby in a special way. 

Using Scrabble to Reveal the Great News

While playing a family game of scrabble, Mike and Sarah were able to start off the word building with some very special titles. First, they wrote “grandma.” Next, they wrote “baby.” 

Mike’s mother, at first, thought the Scrabble words were just a cute theme—until everything clicked for her. His mother was brought to tears over the joyous news and was so excited.

People online truly loved the way that Mike and Sarah decided to announce their pregnancy. Many said that Mike’s mother’s reaction was “priceless.” Others shared they were “moved to tears.” Dozens of people online wished the entire family a heartfelt congratulations after seeing the sweet video. 

While many things in life can feel stressful and hard, like trying to have a baby, there are sometimes moments that make us all realize one simple truth—good things may take time, but they are always coming.


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