Couple who met during 1984 winning cup run happily married: ‘The Oilers brought us together’

It was May 19, 1984 — the Edmonton Oilers were in the Stanley Cup final.

Linda and Ian Fraser had tickets to attend the game — just not together. Their paths crossed exactly one week before the game.

“It was May 12 that year, Ian and I met when I joined the Social Justice Commission,” Linda said.

Ian had been part of the Salvation Army committee for a while, but somehow they ended up in the same group that day.

They gave each other ‘a look’ Linda said, but then carried on with their lives.

Later that week, Ian got ahold of Linda to bring over some papers from their meeting. It was game day but Ian couldn’t wait.

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“He brought over some information that he said was very important for her to get — the game where the Oilers would ultimately win their first Stanley Cup,” said Linda with a chuckle.

They both left Linda’s place at the same time to head off to the game at the former Northlands Coliseum.

Click to play video: 'Battle of Alberta wedding edition: Duelling hockey fans married overlooking Oilers watch party'

Battle of Alberta wedding edition: Duelling hockey fans married overlooking Oilers watch party

Linda however, was going to the game with another man. Her date left after the first period for a smoke break, and that’s when Ian made his move, sliding into the open seat next to Linda.

“Ian came to sit down, and sat there for — well, until the other guy came back, and we differ on the end of story,” said Linda.

“I think he sat until the end of game. Ian doesn’t think he did, but after that we were just kind of together.”

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The rest is history. Engaged by the middle of that off-season, the two fans were married less than a year later — just in time for the Oilers next cup run.

The team was playing the Chicago Black Hawks on the day of their wedding.

“We couldn’t monitor it on camera or anything like that — or a phone screen — but we had the emcee call out the scores from time to time,” said Ian.

The Oilers went on to defeat the Black Hawks and then beat Philadelphia Flyers to win the cup again in 1985 — something the team would do several more times that decade.

Over the years, the Frasers followed the Oilers religiously. After their daughters grew up and moved out, they were even able to catch some road games.

“We went to Vegas in 2017 when they played their first game there, and we went to Minnesota last December too,” Ian said.

Click to play video: 'Edmonton Oilers fans are Vegas bound'

Edmonton Oilers fans are Vegas bound

Happily married for 38 years, their passion remains strong for each other and of course, their beloved Oilers.

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“I think the Oilers brought us together,” said Linda.

Ian followed with, “Yep, and kept us together too.”

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