Dad Dances Outside Hospital Window To Cheer Up Son During Cancer Treatment

During the pandemic, social distancing has been integral to preventing risks of catching and spreading COVID-19. It is especially important for the more vulnerable population, already battling an illness. But one of the downsides of social distancing is that we can’t be near our loved ones, which is especially difficult when they need us the most.

One such example was a father who did everything he could to cheer up his son during his treatment for leukemia, despite not being allowed to come visit him.

His parents thought he had COVID-19

Aiden was only 14 years old when he started to have high fevers and chills. His parents Chuck and Lori Yielding immediately went to the doctor, thinking it could be COVID-19.

Turned out, it was something even worse: Aiden was diagnosed with leukemia.

The teenager immediately started to receive chemotherapy at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Texas, but because of worry about germs coming in, only one parent was allowed into the hospital with him.

His son was having a hard time, so he stepped in

Aiden’s dad Chuck waited outside, but after noticing his son was having a hard time, he decided to try to cheer him up.

So, Chuck found a spot in the car park where he could put himself so that Aiden could see him from the window above. And then, he started dancing!

“He’s really been struggling with bone pain and it’s hard not to be able to reach out and touch him,” Yielding told Today. “But what I can do is make him laugh.”

Chuck now repeats this every Tuesday. He walks his son to the hospital door, finds his spot in the car park, and starts dancing. He will even take requests!

“My dad always cheers me up when I’m having a bad day,” Aiden told TODAY Parents. “We’ve been creating our own dances since I was little. We get down with it!”

Cook Children’s Medical Center shared a video on Facebook, which quickly went viral.

The post read: “Aiden,
14, was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) toward the beginning of
the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Due to visitation restrictions, only one parent or
caregiver is allowed into the medical center per patient.

“Every Tuesday while Aiden’s mom joins him in the clinic for cancer treatment, his dad, Chuck, stands outside and dances to lift Aiden’s spirits. Here is a highlight reel of Chuck’s best moves!”

Chuck’s dancing conquered the Internet

After seeing the video, heartfelt comments kept pouring in:

“GREAT JOB to that daddy!! Way to be present when you can’t
be physically there! His wife and son will both never forget these

A second said: “That’s awesome! I couldn’t imagine having
one caregiver 24/7 and handling both Chemo and covid precautions. Stay strong
Mama and Dad Positive Vibes to Aiden. You got this.”

Another wrote: “What an amazing father! This is one of the best videos I have ever seen! True testament of a parent’s love!”

Aiden’s prognosis is good. He has more than 2 years of treatments to go through but he can count on his father’s unwavering support.

I want him to know I’m there. I’m right there with him always.

Chuck Yielding

What a beautiful way to show love and cheer everyone up, even under such hard circumstances! Chuck found a way to be there for his child, despite the restrictions caused by the current pandemic.

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