Free Online Festival: A Different Kind of Trauma Conference

Hi friends!

Last year I invited you all to join the Embodied Trauma Conference, a powerful, healing event hosted by Tiny Buddha contributor Karine Bell.

This free, five-day online summit featured a series of talks from twenty-two thought leaders, all focusing on different aspects of healing from trauma—including developmental, sexual, racial, and intergenerational.

This year she’s offering a FREE follow-up event that I’m sure you’ll find transformative. It’s called Tending the Roots: A 4-day Odyssey of Resilience & Reimagination, Culture & Community, and it takes place next week, between April 21st and 24th.

This event will focus on our personal and communal healing, and you can expect educational and experiential workshops, and also music, movement, and art.

It will be a time of learning and connecting, experimenting and experiencing, and interacting and playing together.

Closed captioning will be available, and there will also be separate Zoom room spaces with creative activities for kids during some of the main workshop sessions (if you need something to keep them entertained while you tune in!)

Who is Tending the Roots For?

This festival exploring trauma healing and transformation, with our bodies as the site of liberation is for…

Humans, big and small. Lovers and skeptics. Those longing to connect despite wounds around connection. Dreamers and activists, Aspiring activists, body-centered practitioners, therapists, parents and caregivers, educators, artists, musicians, and anyone interested in dancing with and tending to the flame of our life energy in creative, life-supportive ways.

If you’d like to learn how trauma opens up portals of resilience and growth and connect with like-hearted people dedicated to healing in their own lives and in the world, sign up for the FREE Tending the Roots festival here.

I hope you find this unique event both cathartic and liberating!

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