From Average to Warrior: Transform Your Life with These Principles

After serving 20 years in jail, former child prisoner Wallace Peeples aka ‘Wallo267’ became a business mogul in less than 3 years. Discover the path of the warrior and unlock your inner strength with this motivational video. In this inspiring talk, we explore the principles of the warrior, and how they can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. From discipline and focus, to courage and resilience, learn how to embody the warrior spirit and transform your life. Whether you’re facing personal challenges or striving for success, this video will empower you to embrace your inner warrior and live your best life. Don’t miss out on this powerful message – watch now!

In the late 1990s at the age of 17, The State of Pennsylvania sentenced Wallace Peeples aka @wallo267 to 20 years in jail for armed robbery. While incarcerated he refused to have his mind captured. He became an avid reader and learner in jail. In a place where time stands still, he was curious to know how life was outside the prison walls.

Every time a new inmate came in he would question them about what was going on in the world. All of the information that he received, he wrote down in a notebook that he called “The Book of Life”. The interviews with inmates is how he found out about Google, YouTube, and Social Media.

Once he realized the power of Social Media and the Internet at large, he started to put together a plan for his release to spread hope to the masses. After being incarcerated for two decades he was finally released 34 months ago. Upon his release he hit the ground running. He used a few hundred dollars to buy t-shirts, which he sold hand to hand on the streets of North Philadelphia all while building his social media following with daily videos of motivation.

In 34 months, he has managed to leverage his social media brand into partnerships with the NFL Network, Global Citizen, Foot Locker, Puma, and Philly Union. He has also established himself as a top-flight lecturer, speaking at Penn State University, The University of Maryland, St. John’s University and Yale University. He also was a guest speaker at the prestigious Ted Talk.

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