How to double your enjoyment from an experience

Takeaway: To gain greater enjoyment from your experiences, try practicing anticipation and reminiscence. Both are forms of savoring—ways to convert positive experiences into positive emotions.

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In my most recent book, I write about the science of savoring—the process of converting positive experiences into positive emotions. The more we savor an experience, the more enjoyment we derive from it.

There are countless ways to savor something—including by luxuriating in it, marveling at it, and feeling grateful for it. But we can also savor an experience before and after it happens. The more we do this, the greater the enjoyment and happiness we get from the experience overall.

To savor an experience in advance is to practice the savoring style of anticipation. We practice anticipation by doing things like counting down the days to a vacation, journaling about an exciting weekend we have planned, or looking at the menu of the restaurant we’re heading to later in the week.

We can also savor an experience after it happens—a savoring style called reminiscence. We reminisce by reliving an experience in our mind, looking back through photos of an experience, or talking about it with a friend or a loved one.

Anticipation and reminiscence are two simple practices, but they significantly add to how much you enjoy and savor any experience. Be sure to give them a shot.


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