How to fix your posture: Expert tips on creating a healthier workspace

As Canadians continue to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a healthy workstation has become imperative.

Nekessa Remy, a chiropractor based in Mississauga, Ont., shares some tips on how you can improve your posture and create a better workspace.

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Nekessa recommends stacking textbooks under your laptop so your computer screen is almost at eye level.

“To prevent things like eye fatigue — which can lead to headaches — but also to prevent us from looking down, because that creates a lot of strain on the neck,” she said.

Additionally, having a separate keyboard on your table or desk can allow you to type more conveniently with a raised laptop.

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Nekessa recommends making sure your wrists are straight and your elbows are at 90 degrees to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

She adds that placing a towel in front of your keyboard can give you a little cushion if your wrists are feeling stiff.

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To prevent mouse elbow, Nekessa says, make sure your mouse is close to your keyboard rather than off to the side.

“Because we’re holding our mouse out (to the side), we’re clicking, we’re moving and that’s putting a lot of strain on the muscles and the forearm,” she said.

When picking the right chair, Nekessa says we should be comfortable, but make sure we have the proper support — especially if we’re sitting for long hours at a time.

She recommends rolling a small blanket and placing it at the arch of your back so you’re supported.

If you are using a wooden chair, Nekessa says you can opt for a pillow and place it upright along your back.

“So that way you’ve got a little bit of cushioning plus the support.”

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Nekessa says your feet should be flat on the floor because that will protect your lower back.

She recommends using a stool or a crate and placing it underneath the desk if needed.

“When your feet are dangling, that’s going to throw off your spine,” she said.

“Another thing people do is they tuck one foot underneath (their leg). Again, that unlevels your pelvis, which can ultimately lead to lower back pain.”

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To create your own DIY standing desk, Nekessa recommends placing a laundry basket on top of your table.

“And the great thing about standing is we can move a little bit more and that’s what our body craves,” she said, adding that we need movement because our bodies don’t like to be in one position for long periods of time.

For more tips on better posture and creating a healthy workstation, watch the full video above. 

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