How to refresh your living room with a $0 budget

Canadians who are looking to redecorate their homes and save money can do so by getting creative with what they already own. 

Vancouver-based lifestyle expert Susie Wall recently joined The Morning Show to give us some tips on how to spruce up our spaces for zero dollars. 

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Wall recommends using items that give you joy or match your personality and using them as decor. 

As an example, she brought home some items from her family’s cabin and displayed them in her living room. 

“Find what makes you happy and try to cultivate that in your home,” she says. 

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Wall adds that old-school athletic gear can be a trendy display. 

She recommends digging up some old sporting equipment, like boxing gloves or a surfboard, and integrating them into your space. 

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Additionally, Wall says we should embrace sentimental objects. 

“If you bring out something that is special that’s otherwise just sitting in a box, it can be artful (and) it’s a great conversation starter,” she says. 

For people who don’t like the look of loose cable cords or TV remotes, Wall recommends hiding them with prettier items like wall art or decorative boxes. 

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Additionally, she says we should get creative with high-use items. 

For example, Wall leaves a charcuterie board out on her coffee table. 

“If people do come over, just throw your wine down, spread some almonds out, some raspberries … and just leave it there all year round — it looks good.” 

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Lastly, Wall says unfinished decor can also add some character to your home. 

Items like unpolished candle holders or empty mirror frames can do the trick, she adds.

For more tips on how to redecorate your living room without spending money, watch the full video above. 

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