How to stay warm and stylish during a Canadian winter

Staying cozy during a Canadian winter is essential but many people have found it difficult to remain both stylish and warm in freezing temperatures.

Fashion expert Natalie Sexton recommends investing in some key pieces like a white long-sleeve shirt, a plaid shirt, faux shearling coat and knit turtlenecks.

For example, a white shirt can be layered under anything like a sleeveless dress or even underneath a sweatshirt to elevate a work-from-home look, she says.

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When it comes to styling layers of clothing, Sexton says she sticks to a three-layer rule, starting off with her thinnest layer of fabric to her thickest.

“We’re sort of building from the inside out, you want your heaviest fabric on the outside,” she said, adding that it’s much easier to remove coat layers if needed.

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While many avoid wearing skirts in the winter, Sexton says that there is a way to make them work despite colder temperatures.

“Think about something like a great pair of opaque tights that’s still going to elongate the leg,” she said, “It’s just a matter of covering up the skin, so boots are going to be your best friend and an over-the-knee boot is a really great option.”

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Similarly, when it comes to wearing summer dresses or rompers this season, wearing a turtleneck under them in addition to a chunky boot can bring a stylish balance for this colder season.

“Layer these thin knit turtlenecks under all of your summer dresses and summer rompers,” she said, “(It) kind of has a bit of a 90s vibe, I remember rocking this look back in the day, I’m so happy that it’s definitely back.”

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Additionally, Sexton says people can also easily winterize their wardrobe by layering coats.

“We often pack away those spring coats or those fall coats … So look for your thin puffer jackets, even your jean jackets and moto jackets,” she said, “(They) will fit really well under those beautiful oversized coats.”

Having fun with colour and texture when pairing jackets is a great way to inject style and stay warm, Sexton says.

“Obviously, we want to try on all of these fits … I’m not saying they’re going to work with every piece but this is where we can really have some fun,” she said.

“Play with our wardrobe and definitely shop our closet too. We don’t have to go out and buy new pieces. Often, you have things right under your nose.”

Watch Sexton’s full interview with The Morning Show in the video above.

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