I Wish You Could See How Beautiful You Are

Has anyone ever taken the time to tell you that you are goddamn beautiful? Can I take a minute to say that you have a smile that can blow up a room like lightning in a rainstorm? You are magnetic, and anyone that gets near you is drawn to your absolute loveliness.

I am so enamored by your humbleness to see how amazingly gorgeous you are! Seriously, has anyone given you the attention that you deserve? You walk around as if you can’t see how special you are. I am blown away by your inability to see what is so apparently obvious to all of us.

You downplay your presence as though your existence is insignificant. I don’t understand. Please look in the mirror, take off your distorted glasses, and see the real image staring back at you. I can tell you that you are magnificently pretty with a projecting innocence and a humorous charm that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Your lack of knowledge about your beauty makes you even more beautiful, but imagine how different things would be if you gained the confidence to visualize the present reality of YOU. It breaks my heart that you allow everyone else to take the limelight while you slink in the back of the theatre.

I wish I could take your hand and show you off like the prize you are, but I know that isn’t your style.  You tirelessly compare yourself to other women and give them the credit for being prettier, sexier, and smarter. When will you see that you are the stars, sun, and moon? I don’t care what another person walked away from; I don’t care how much they took you for granted. Stop allowing another person’s inability to love or treasure you be your story or reason for lack of worth!

People walk away because they are tired of trying to convince you of your talents, of your strength and beauty. It’s not their job! If they don’t love you, let them walk; be strong enough to rise from the ashes and become more assured in your love! Everyone is not made for everyone. Stop taking someone else’s rejection as a reflection of your self-esteem, confidence, and value.

C’mon, lady, you have more fight in you than that! You are a spitfire! You are the most energetic, fun, and adventurous person I know. Wear that leopard dress, skydive out of that plane, stand on that stage, dance at a concert, and take control and be the leader that you are.

There is a light that shines inside of you that is unique. You are different than anyone I have ever met—embrace those qualities. You are not replaceable—you are, in fact, irreplaceable.  Whoever is lucky enough to share their life with you was chosen by something greater than you and me. Stand in your power, stand in your creativity and talent, and be all that is YOU!

No one can ever take your place; no one can ever imitate or steal your identity. You are a treasure in this crazy chaotic world with an abundance of gifts to give everyone, including yourself. Clear the cobwebs off your beautiful eyes and dive into a world that you can create with your magic. because you are goddamn beautiful!

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