If You Don’t Feel Like You’re Making Progress Today, Trust That Tomorrow Will Be Better

Maybe today you sat with your shadow, observed her serrated edges and wondered why she engulfs you so.

If you’re reading this, let this be your call for aligning your thoughts to serve your highest self. Let this be your message to hold on a little longer, to not decide where your journey ends. Let this be the intuitive guidance to keep moving on, or redirect, whatever seems more purposeful to you at this very moment.

We wait for propitious instances to make choices that we know are for our greater good. We procrastinate. We marinate in our stuck patterns, licking our wounds, pondering over our bruises. Let this be your decision to finally break free and make healing your priority.

Wherever you are, I want you to keep stacking small packets of faith in your big, old bag of dreams. Keep breathing and letting moments pass. If today doesn’t feel like you’re making progress, trust that tomorrow will be better. Trust that pauses are necessary growth curves. Take heart in the fact that your willingness to even glance at your vision is bringing you closer to it.

In the waiting, I want you to keep honoring your resilient heart—how honey pours over gold and you find softness in strength. I want you to keep holding love for yourself, to not give into the somber, instead finding the courage to respond differently. I want you to let the day be—crash and crumble but find moments of gratitude to hold on to. I want you to focus on the little good to make the good, better.

In your blooming, may you take heart in the power each moment offers. May you tether every prodigal thought wandering in the non-existent timelines of an already lived past. May you iron out the unevenness in the present that comes from obsessing over a not-yet lived future. May you find both sweetness and strength in holding onto “what is” while surrendering the “what if”. May you find moments of unbridled joy amidst the chaos—something which gives you hope to walk the next step, if not the entire journey.

Maybe today your shadow told you truths that were deafening yet oddly liberating.

Maybe today you embraced her with grace and gratitude.

Maybe today you finally understood that all along she was a part of you, working for you, healing with you.

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