I’m Not Lost, I’m Just Enjoying The Journey

It was so important for me to know. It is just not the case anymore.

When I was a little girl, I had a destination to get to. I had a timeline for what I wanted to achieve in my life. My dream was to get a graduate degree and get a high-paying job so I could be independent. I wanted people to look up to me.

I wanted little girls to grow up and want to be like me.

I was so focused on my goal that I didn’t quite pay attention to the process. I reached my goal in time, and when I looked back at my life, I realized I wasn’t happy because something was missing.

People thought I was doing great professionally, and in the eyes of the world, that’s what mattered more. I recognized I was so busy achieving that I forgot about really living.

I needed to change things. I needed a do-over.

I changed my lifestyle and my priorities. I continue to value the future, but I focus more on the present, because that is all that is guaranteed in life. It is this moment, and it is at this moment that we have the power to change anything.

Others wondered and thought I had lost my mind or was having a midlife crisis.

I’m not lost, I’m just enjoying the journey.

The truth is, I have finally realized what is more important in my life. It is appreciating every moment of life because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

When I was younger, I thought I needed to know where I was headed and when I would get there. As I have grown older, I know that is it not the destination that matters but the adventures we have along the way.

Life is the best experience, and I want to make it a great one.

Thinking about tomorrow is not the problem. Trying to live tomorrow is the problem. The best thing about life is that tomorrow never happens, so realizing that helped me stop worrying so much about the future that I could genuinely enjoy everything that is happening today.

This moment is inevitable, and it is the only way it can me. Paying attention to moment-to-moment awareness is how I learned to manage my mind.

I am fully accepting what is happening at this moment, and that is the most comforting and powerful realization.

Happiness is not an occasion but a constant state of existence. It is easy to be happy if you are accepting what is happening right now.

Others might say I am lost, but I am enjoying every moment of this journey of life.

And I can finally say I am so happy with life.

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