In 2021, Give Yourself A Chance

Give yourself a chance to heal. Last year was a battle. You capped it off with a sting in the tail and crawled your way out, arduously and somberly. The previous year made you bleed, weep, and question the universe about your existence. While 2021 is not guaranteed to be a better one, you’re here. Give yourself a chance to heal from the horrors of the last battle. You deserve it, need it, and can do it.

Give yourself a chance to move forward. Welcome the new year with an open mind, open to the idea that you will fight again and that you’ll crumble once more—you’ll shed more tears. Yet don’t forget to embrace the fact that you can ascend from the ashes and move forward to see another day. Give yourself a chance to rebuild. You deserve it, already did it, and you can do it again.

Give yourself a chance to redefine what seeing the world means. The pandemic affected our lives in unimaginable ways, leaving the streets closed, hearts broken, lives lost, and the skies empty. I hope this time you take a chance to see the world differently. I hope this time you take a chance to hear what the world has been pleading for—care, love, and compassion. You are it. You can give it, and you can start it.

Give yourself a chance to love—not just another person, a place, a new hobby, an animal, a moment, but yourself. The sacrifices of yesterday, the tricks your mind has been playing, the outer force that made you feel you are awful, all of which are strong reasons you are lovable. Loving yourself isn’t just about doing it when you already are flawless because you’re not, and you will never be. If from the previous years you deprived yourself of this experience, let 2021 be the end of it. Let today be the chance to experience new things, and if loving yourself is one of them, so be it.

Give yourself a chance to get back to life, to see the silver lining. And to believe that there is one. The world is not always cruel. I hope you won’t be the same with yourself anymore. Don’t let yourself stay captive from your fears, your pain, your doubts. Winning is not always about being on top of everything but being able to reach that awakening that there is more to life and that you are here to discover it because you gave yourself a chance to live.

In 2021, give yourself a chance to do anything and everything you missed out on, should have done, and could have done when time decided not to cooperate. Now is your chance to leap, risk, to triumph, and to even bring to light a new path, a new heart, a better you. Throw it out to the universe. Claim it. And don’t forget to take action upon it.

Now you go, darling. Conquer this year. You deserve to be. You are ready. 

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