In The End, I Hope You Choose To Be True To Yourself

You will always have someone who will say something about you to your face or behind your back. It shouldn’t matter because people’s opinions do not define you. You could be a kind, smart, honest, and creative person and someone could still be saying negative opinions about you.

Many contributing factors cause others to feel a certain way about another person and speak on it. Whether it is disliking the person in general or feeling envious, it makes them feel empowered or struggle with themselves on something. The list could go on and on; however, there is a saying that hurt people hurt others.

That is why we have to stay focused on our goals and not allow other people’s opinions to get to us. A part of this is to stop caring about what other people think, and it’s alright to take in the criticism part but not the whole opinion itself. There is a difference between taking advice and healthy criticism vs. harmful judgments that aren’t going to help your mindset.

Healthy good advice is from another person who believes their opinion on how to help you improve will work rather than use negativity to do more harm than good. That would be the appropriate time to take someone else’s opinion into account instead of choosing to ignore it.

The more successful you become, the more people have to say about you, and at this point, it would be useless to let it stop you from growing. Therefore, we must acknowledge who we are or what we want to become. Then we’ll know which opinions are accurate compared to those that aren’t. Opinions are occasionally confused as being facts when they are inconclusive and aren’t usually factual.

Opinions are just different viewpoints, judgments, and assumptions from what people think of you. In reality, not many know what goes on behind closed doors when speaking their opinions about another human being. The human mind is frequently so curious about how their community perceives them that they become insecure and act on it.

We become insecure to the point where others’ thoughts and beliefs reshape our decisions. Whether it is changing some parts of our usual routine because someone else thinks it’s abnormal or not taking that leap towards a new idea because of other associates thinking it won’t work. That is the perfect way to live an unhappy and insecure life.

I hope and believe that many reading this do not want to live such a life. Therefore, let’s pause to ask ourselves if what others say is true before jumping to assumptions about the other person speaking. If it is not true, then we know better to not care about judgments and keep moving forward.

Life is too short to care so much about what others think, because each individual is unique in their way, and you will never reach your fullest potential by doing so. I wish I had someone teach me this sooner, because I still sometimes struggle with this.

I used to care too much about others’ opinions when I needed to live based on my own and not allow others to alter who I am. Caring so much about others’ opinions of you may overtime influence you to change your personality and then your entire being.

Changing your whole self over others’ opinions is more than a big mistake but a regretful impact on you and your future.

Taking peoples’ opinions of you to heart will prevent you from going after your dreams because you are not getting out of your comfort zone, and instead, you will lose the will to take risks, which is a must for achieving big dreams.

If you live by others’ opinions, then at the end of the day, you are the only one who is going to suffer the consequences. For instance, choosing not to follow through with your goals because of others’ opinions of “it won’t work” or “that’s impossible” is going to weigh down your possibilities in doing so.

Each of us has the power to make our own choices by either choosing to allow opinions to get the best of us or move past it and continue being ourselves by striving towards the future we want to live in.

It is our responsibility to not care about others’ thoughts and opinions because if we obsess over what others think, then we forget who we are. This also has to do with how caring so much slowly makes us people pleaser, and it’s more than difficult to make everyone satisfied. Letting go of others’ opinions or how they will evaluate you will make you freer, and then you will discover who you are.

Other people’s opinions are not worth changing yourself, your personality, your lifestyle, and your goals, because you only have one life. Live accordingly to how you want to be and the future that you want to, later on, become a reality.

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