It’s Time To Come Back To The Present

Living purely in the present is much easier said than done, and like many other things, it takes implementation. We may feel that we are giving our full attention to this very moment, but if we dig deeper, how many feelings from the past, such as triggers, guilt, regret, disappointment or pain , are we still holding onto and subconsciously (or consciously) existing through without even realizing it? Or on the other hand, are we so clouded by our wishes, wants, and expectations of the future that we are rushing past the very second we are experiencing right now? The work of the future is done in the present. The shaping of our very life; the great evolution of our being all begins now. We have to focus not on the person that we have been but the person that we are currently, and more so, the person that we are becoming. We must use each past experience as something to learn from while not letting those experiences lay heavily on our hearts. 

In living presently, there is a difficult task of learning to accept that some questions are not meant to be answered. We may not always gain justice for our pain or know why we have gone through the things we have gone through ; not yet, at least. Thus, as we discover more about our purpose here and our reasoning for being alive in this world, it is essential to focus on allowing yourself to let go of all that doesn’t serve you. And remember, letting go or moving on is not the same as forgetting. Moving on is acceptance. Moving on is growth.

Moving on is planting that seed of pain or trauma in the dirt beneath your feet and allowing it to teach you something. You must allow it to feed your roots rather than rip your roots away. 

The experiences that we have gone through in the past, good or bad, have a way of continuing to live within us in what seems to be a very uncontrollable fashion. Something that may have happened to you as a child can still creep up into your present self and attempt to pull you away from all that you have become since then. It will try to pull you back into that previous darkness that you have been trying to escape from. But if you haven’t ever truly faced your demons or your pain, they will continue to lead you and take authority over your actions. In order to begin shepherding yourself through your own shadows, you must sit down with yourself and acknowledge all of these feelings or experiences that live within you and accept them.

Acceptance is the root of growth. Denying the fact that you have certain triggers or demons is only going to drive you further away from yourself and further away from your own presence. Look your demons in the eye and tell them that you see them, you hear them, and you feel them. This may seem counterintuitive, but this is how you reclaim your power. You are making a choice to acknowledge these parts of yourself instead of running away from them. You are showing them who’s boss! That is self-awareness. That is presence. That is power. In doing this, you have now gained the higher seat. By this acknowledgment and awareness, you are now in control. However, this awareness is not something that comes with the snap of a finger. 

Presence takes practice.

And a lot of patience—with yourself, with your journey, and with your growth. You do not have to have everything figured out in this life, and you must trust that you are meant to be right where you are! Furthermore, you must recognize that you are certainly not meant to be right where anyone else is. Life is not a competition or a race. It is not about keeping up with your peers or comparing your path to the path of others. It can be extremely challenging to not have societal expectations alter the pace of your living or expected pace of your growth, but you must not let anything or anyone take you away from your journey or your presence. If you spend your life trying to keep up with everyone around you or base your own actions off of the actions of others, you aren’t living in your own moment. You are the only one in charge of your life and your journey. Allowing yourself to focus on what other people are doing or what other people want you to be doing will only sway you off balance. 

It is very important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to live. There is only your way, and no person’s way will ever be the same, nor should they be. You are the sole creator of your life. You are the writer, illustrator, and narrator of your story. So lead with your heart and listen to your gut. Take time to breathe, rest, and refocus. Set your own goals, carry your own dreams in your pocket, and take however much time you need to get there.

Nurture yourself with love and surround yourself with the things and people that bring you joy. And most importantly, make sure you remember to take time to seek out and appreciate the smaller beauties in life. For those smaller beauties, I believe, are what will keep you in your full presence. They will bring you true fulfillment. Fulfillment that money cannot buy. The kind of fulfillment that will mold you into your own masterpiece, uniquely beautiful and unlike any other. 

It is time to come back to the present.

And more importantly, come back to yourself.

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