Man Shows Up to a Pub to Play a Gig – Bumps Into a Famous Musician Who Helps Him Buy a Home

Gregor Hunter Coleman received the gift of a lifetime.

Pursuing your dreams isn’t always easy, particularly for artists and musicians. Creating and inspiring others may be in your soul, but these types of gigs don’t always pay the bills.

That’s why this story of rapper Post Malone helping out a struggling artist has touched so many people: it’s the ultimate story of an artist giving back.

A Random Meeting

Earlier this year in May, Post Malone was in Glasgow for a show stop on his Twelve Carat tour. He wandered into a pub, where he met a local artist named Gregor Hunter Coleman. The 30-year-old had been performing at the bar that night, and Malone was impressed. He asked if he could buy Coleman a drink.

That’s when Malone learned that Coleman had stopped drinking so that he could save his money for a house. Once he had his own kitchen and a fridge, he’d stock it with beer.

The artist had enjoyed the performance, and he wanted to do something, though, so he asked if Coleman would consider playing at his concert afterparty.

“He started saying, how much will you charge? I said nothing, it’s Post Malone, this is the chance of a lifetime,” Coleman later recalled to the BBC.

A Sweet Offer

Coleman didn’t want to take money for the gig, but Malone wasn’t going to have him perform for free, either. So, he offered to pay part of the deposit on the home that Coleman had his eye on.

“He offered to help me out with my deposit so I could have more time to focus on music, which I thought was wild,” he told STV. “I’d always heard stories that he was a really nice guy.”

The aspiring musician didn’t reveal how much Malone ultimately gave him for his house, but he did say that they exchanged phone numbers. Coleman also posted about the encounter on Instagram.

“I never thought whilst heading out the door with my guitar on Friday night for my gig at Wunderbar Glasgow that I’d meet Post Malone and have such a life-changing experience,” he wrote. “The hours spent with this gent chatting and jamming was life-changing in itself, not to mention what followed. This could be my time to hit the ground running.”

Following the Dream

Coleman never expected a musician to show up at his gig that night, and if he did, he certainly didn’t think a well-known figure would like his music and offer him a gig. However, if Coleman hadn’t been pursuing his music while saving for his future, this encounter would have never happened.

It’s an important reminder that if you feel like you’re meant to perform or create art, you should find a way to do exactly that. Yes, most of us have bills to pay and responsibilities in life, but carving out time for your passion is also important.

Not all celebrities are known to be as nice and generous as Post Malone. But sometimes it’s the breaks we don’t see coming that impact us most of all. So keep one foot in front of the other and carry on. Because in life, you never truly know what might happen next.

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