Many of us aren’t washing our hands like we used to: germ expert

The coronavirus pandemic is here to stay and experts stress cleaning high-touch surfaces and washing your hands regularly shouldn’t go away.

Microbiologist and The Super Awesome Science Show host Jason Tetro recently joined The Morning Show to share some simple yet efficient cleaning and disinfecting tips.

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He says some reports show people are not washing their hands as much as they used to and we should wash our hands thoroughly daily. He says the average person touches their face about 16 times a day.

When washing our hands, Tetro suggests singing Happy Birthday or the alphabet twice can prove to be effective.

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He says rinsing and drying are the two most important stages in the process.

“We often miss the thumb area,” he said.

While we keep our hands clean, he says high-touch surfaces such as sink taps, doorknobs, remote controls and tablets need to be disinfected regularly.

“If you live in a condo, don’t forget those elevator buttons,” he added.

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While soap and water work well for washing your hands, he recommends using vinegar and alcohol-based products for a “widespread kill” of germs on high-touch surfaces.

“Good old-fashioned bleach works just fine as well,” he said.

To learn more about keeping your spaces clean, watch the full video above.

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