(Price Drop) Mindfulness Kit to Ease Your Stress & Calm Your Mind

Let me ask you this: Do things usually go to plan in your life? Or do you often find yourself adapting to a tornado of changes you didn’t choose or think to expect?

That’s how I’ve felt recently, as I’ve been dealing with placenta previa at the end of my “geriatric” pregnancy, which required my C-section date to be moved up, and waiting to move into a house with my growing family when the move-in date has several times been moved back.

I’m now a week from moving and three weeks from giving birth, with a poor-sleeping toddler and various work obligations to meet—all of which, to be clear, I’m incredibly grateful for, along with my health and having my basic needs met. But it’s been stressful, as life often is.

I’ve needed to create pockets of peace wherever I can, so I can breathe, center myself, and decrease the odds of snapping from emotional overload and saying and doing things I’ll later regret.

This is why I created Tiny Buddha’s Mindfulness Kit—because I know we all need tiny mindful moments to pause and recover from life’s daily stresses. And I also know our stresses have been more varied and overwhelming in a world dominated by the pandemic.

I’m guessing that’s true for many of you.

Perhaps you’re dealing with changes to your work situation, or your need to move somewhere more affordable but have yet to find a place.

Maybe you’re caring for a sick loved one or mourning the loss of someone Covid took too soon.

Or maybe you’re struggling to adapt to a post-vaccine world—returning to an office, with traffic and commute time and everything that entails, and seeing people more frequently, which might feel a little awkward after such a long period of isolation.

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, I imagine you too could use a little peace and relaxation, so I’ve decided to offer my Mindfulness Kit, usually $45, for $29 for an indefinite amount of time.

What’s in the Mindfulness Kit?

The Mindfulness Kit includes four aromatherapy-based products, a daily mindfulness practice guide, and three FREE digital guides to help you:

  • Start your morning with peace and presence
  • Stay calm and centered throughout the day
  • Fall asleep peacefully so you can wake up refreshed and recharged

The products include a mood-boosting lychee flower scented candle and three lavender-scented products:

  • A soothing bath and shower gel to help you wash your worries away
  • A calming essential oil roll-on, for instant calm, anytime, anywhere
  • A relaxing pillow spray, to help you settle your racing mind and sleep more deeply

I designed this kit with the pillars of self-care in mind: a strong morning practice, mindful check-ins throughout the day, and quality rest to help us feel and be our best.

We can’t change that life will always be unpredictable and sometimes hard. There will be times when it’s just one thing after another—one more hole to patch in the boat right after we just stopped a massive leak.

But we can find a calm center within that makes the bumps far easier to manage and enables us to shift our focus to everything that makes the ride worthwhile—the things we might not appreciate or enjoy when we’re caught up in our head, worrying, planning, and strategizing, trying to ensure we stay afloat.

For me, right now, that’s my son’s smiling face—a face with my nose, my boyfriend’s smile, and eyes full of joy and wonder. How my eyes often look when I take care of myself. The eyes I want him and his brother to see more often than not. The eyes through which I want to see the world, because life’s a lot more beautiful that way.

So I come back to the present moment, as often as I can. And I remind myself I am strong, I can handle my challenges, but more importantly, right now all I need to do is breathe and be.

I hope these simple products and practices can help you do the same so you can find a little calm in your own personal tornado and enjoy more of your life.

If you’d like to grab a kit at the discounted price, you can get one here.

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