Service Dog Stays at Hospital With His Owner 24/7 — While Nobody Else Was Allowed to Stay

We don’t deserve dogs. Want someone who will love you, no matter what? Who will stay steadfast and faithful and true? Get a dog.

They epitomize unconditional love, and might just be the best creatures on the planet.

Nowhere do you see this undying devotion more in action than in service dogs. And just in case you need further proof, look no further than this very good boy, Magnus.

Magnus the Therapy Dog Goes Viral


In a heartwarming video that has gone doggone viral with over 9 million views, six-year-old Magnus the Therapy Dog proves to the world just how amazing dogs really are; never leaving his human’s side during a stay in the hospital.

(Warning: if you don’t already have a dog, you’ll want one now).

In his now-viral Instagram post, Brian Benson explains that he was having chest pains, swelling in his legs, and a hard time breathing. Fearing something was wrong, and with a history of heart disease in his family, he went to the emergency room to get checked out.

The doctors decided to admit him to the hospital for three days to keep him under observation and “run countless tests” to try to identify the cause of his discomfort. It was an incredibly stressful time as Brian waited for answers and, understandably, he didn’t want to face it alone.

Thanks to his faithful pooch, he didn’t have to.

Brian wrote on Instagram that while his family wasn’t permitted after visiting hours, Magnus, because of his service dog status, was allowed to stay with him 24/7.

The Service Dog Never Left Brian Benson’s Side

Magnus didn’t leave Brian’s side for THREE DAYS. He was with Brian every waking moment, through every nerve-wracking blood test, every x-ray, every EKG, and doctor’s exam. He was there when he ate and when he slept.

And when Brian received the news that he was dreading? Magnus was there too.

“Having him there helped not only me, but he calmed my daughters as well. Magnus being with me 24/7 meant more to me than he will ever know. I am beyond grateful for my boy,” Brian wrote in his post.

Doctors Diagnose Brian Benson With a Serious Cardiac Condition

The doctors discovered that Brian has a condition called cardiomyopathy, which means his heart is weak and pumping blood much harder than it should.

“Even though I have been working out for over 35 years, eat health[y], ran the NYC marathon, completed multiple Spartan races, and trained in Krav Maga and boxing, I’m one of the rare cases where a person ‘just’ develops cardiomyopathy,” Brian wrote.

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He further added, “The painful reality is that sometimes you just can’t beat your genetics no matter how hard you work. It’s almost like trying to swim upstream, maximum effort with minimal or limited results.” 

While the news wasn’t what Brian wanted to hear, he still considers himself lucky and expressed his gratitude for “so many things” — friends, family, and of course, his best boy, Magnus. And it’s easy to see why.

The 38-second video he shares is filled with incredibly touching moments, giving a glimpse into the incredible bond that the two share. Take a look.

The Video That Has Unleashed a Flood of Puppy Love

In the video, the connection between the dog and his human is obvious. Magnus can be seen comforting and calming Brian with cuddles, kisses, and quiet companionship — giving him exactly what he needs when he needs it.

Dogs just know.

“He did exactly what he does best; kept me relaxed and took my mind off the current situation,” wrote Brian. “He knows when to cuddle and when to get a little “goofy.” He made the medical staff smile and also kept my girls calm. I love this dog more than he will ever know. “

And dog people (and non-dog people) love Magnus too. Reaction to the video has been overwhelming. There are over 1.2 million likes and nearly 22,000 comments.

One person commented, “This really made my day & warmed my heart…I watched it so many times. This is what love really looks like.”

Another wrote, “Sending love to you! Magnus is one special Doggo,” he sure is.

Who is Magnus the Therapy Dog?


According to Magnus’s website (yes, he has one), Brian adopted Magnus when he was 18 months old. Originally bred to be a service dog for the blind, Magnus wasn’t up to snuff. Instead, he joined the Bensons as their family pet.

However, it didn’t take long for Brian to realize that Magnus was special and “destined for something more. Something bigger, something much better.” That something was becoming trained and certified as a therapy dog.

As a pet therapy team, Brian and Magnus regularly visit terminally- and critically-ill children and adults in hospitals. They provide comfort not only to the ones who are sick but also to their grieving families and the workers who tirelessly care for them.

The doggie duo “also work extensively with children who have severe learning disabilities and emotional disorders,” spreading unconditional love and joy wherever they go.

Additionally, Magnus is Brian’s task-trained service dog for a severe seizure disorder he has. And based on their hospital experience, it’s obvious he couldn’t ask for a better canine companion.

Brian and Magnus’s “tail” is a true testament to the unbreakable bond that exists between humans and dogs.

In a world where negativity often takes center stage, it’s stories like these that bring a smile to our faces and remind us of the beauty of love, loyalty, devotion, AND dogs.

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