Steve Harvey Realizes His Son Has Given Him a Gift He Didn’t Pay For – But That Wasn’t All, There Was More to Come

When he’s not cracking jokes, Steve Harvey is often surprising guests on his talk show.

Oh, but on one rare occasion he was the victim. In this case, it hit close to home and it’s one he won’t soon forget. 

Steve Harvey’s Son Gives Him a Gift On-Air

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

For Father’s Day, Harvey’s youngest son Wynton dropped by the show bearing a gift. It started pleasant enough as the boy handed his dad the box. 

A giddy Harvey slapped his son’s hand with a smile as he pulled out a pair of blue suede shoes that would make Elvis envious. Yet in a strange twist, that’s when Harveys called out his son’s true motivation for getting the gift.

“Let me tell you something about my son. Please know that this is the shoe he wants.” Wynton gives a guilty grin to a laughing audience, as his father points to him wearing the same style of shoe but in black. 

Things got more awkward when Harvey asked Wynton about who paid for them.

“Where did you get the money? Oh, the show must have bought these!” he said. 

“No, see you guys have an account at the store, so I just went in, put them on there,” a shameless Wynton said to his shocked dad.

That’s when Harvey lost his cool. “What kind of damn gift is that!” said Harvey, hitting his son with the shoe.

However in classic Harvey style, this story was about to take a last-second switch.

Wynton Harvey’s Emotional Gift to His Father

Wynton had one last gift for his father, and this one wasn’t from the show but from the heart.

“The next one is a little more special,” he started “I’m taking this one to FIU with me to keep in my dorm room and to remind me of how much of an influence you are to me.” 

He added, “You basically turned me into a good enough student so that I could get into college because I was having some trouble.”

“On it, it has a quote that’s always going to remind me of how you were always there for me and how you were able to keep me going all of these years,” he said handing his father the gift.

It was a picture of his dad with a little Wynton, arm around him. Below the picture is the quote that reads, “Me and you ’til the wheels fall off.”

Like father, like son.

A visibly emotional Harvey fought back tears as he looked at the precious picture. And on a rare occasion, he was speechless. The two men shook hands and hugged.

How Steve Harvey Proves That a Son’s Life Is Priceless

Something tells me that although Harvey is touched by his son’s surprise gesture, he’s plotting payback. Let’s hope that it’s every bit as touching as this one.

Among quotes about family, one by Wes Fesler reads, “A family portrait is only complete with love to fill its frame.”

Think of all the countless tantrums, tussles and tough talks that take place between father and son. It’s a war of wills that can rage for years, as a boy becomes a man.

But looking at his son now, all grown up, polished and grateful for his lessons, Steve Harvey can only stand humbled knowing that it was all worth it.

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