Stranger Spots Little Boy Sleeping Alone on the Ground in a Cemetery – The Reason Why Is Touching

Losing a loved one is very painful. As a child, losing a parent who has loved you unconditionally since the day you were born is one of the most painful things we can imagine.

But just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean your love has disappeared. And one little boy in Mexico reminded the world of that in a moment caught on video.

How One Boy Made a Heartbreaking Visit to a Cemetery


A little boy in Mexico was caught visiting his mother’s tomb in Mexico recently. In a video that has since gone viral and been shared worldwide, the boy circles the graveyard in search of the spot his mother was laid to rest. When he finds it, he pulls what appears to be homework from his bag and shows it to her.

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As the video continues, the boy finishes reading his late mom his homework and then he puts it away. He begins touching the tomb and wiping back tears in a truly heartbreaking moment that resonates with anyone who has lost someone close to them. Then the boy prays and talks to his mom.

Occasionally people walk by, but no one disturbs the boy, who appears to be there alone.

Eventually, the boy puts his backpack down and uses it as a pillow, not seeming to care that he is getting dirty by laying on the ground. He lays there for some time and maybe even falls asleep. Eventually, a stranger comes and wakes him up because the cemetery is closing.

The boy doesn’t even question the fact that it’s time to go and just collects his things. Then, he gives his mom a final hug that almost feels like he’s telling her he’ll be back soon. Then he leaves and the video ends.

So far, the video has captured millions of hearts and solicited thousands of comments from people whose hearts break for the kid. How can they not?

How a Boy Proved the Importance of Reminding People They Are Loved

One of the reasons this video is so touching is because it’s so sad to think about a young boy who is craving his mother back in his life. But it’s also really relatable to see him go to the place her body is buried and to talk to her, because sometimes that’s what you need to do to feel comforted when these tragedies occur.

If nothing else, it’s a reminder that we all go through dark times and lose people we love in life. And that how people deal with that grief doesn’t always look the same.

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For some, talking to the person you lost and visiting their tomb to share routine things from your day may help. For others, holding a picture or praying may be the thing you need. And some people may prefer to deal with grief privately and avoid discussing it at all.

This video also makes you want to hug your own parents, children or chosen family extra hard today. No one knows how much time they have left, after all.

So reminding the people you love just how special they are to you while you still can is important. So pick up the phone, send that text, or plan that visit today if you’re still lucky enough to be able to do so.

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