Take A Break – Motivational Speech on Spotify and Apple Music

Take A Break – Motivational Speech on Spotify and Apple Music

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I know many of you are tired… I know some of you want to give up… and you CAN… if that’s what you want. 
I’m telling you today you have every right to make that choice… But with every CHOICE you must understand there are consequences.

Maybe you don’t need to GIVE UP… maybe you just need a BREAK!

I DON’T mean take a break from working on yourself…
I DON’T mean take a break from being grateful for everything that IS GOOD in your life…
I DO NOT mean take a break from spiritual work…
I DON’T mean take a break from things that light you up…

I mean take a break from EVERYTHING that is dragging you down!

Take a break from the people who drain you!
Take a break from the things that add no FUTURE VALUE to your life!
Take a break from treating yourself with disrespect!
Take a break from being unhealthy.
Take a break from saying NO and start saying YES TO LIFE!

The problem is, most people, when things get really hard… when life is really rough – THEY QUIT.

You don’t need to quit EVERYTHING. 

You should NEVER QUIT anything that really matters to you… but you DO NEED TO QUIT everything that is keeping you from the life that matters to you.

What can you give up, that would make your life better?

Who do you need to let go?

What bad habits MUST be killed today?

You have to ask yourself – if I lived this way for the rest of my life, would I be ok with that? If the answer is NO… you MUST MAKE CHANGES and you MUST MAKE CHANGES TODAY!!! 



 CUT OUT EVERY THING and EVERY ONE that is holding you back from the JOY you deserve.

 Cut out everything that is keeping you from the life YOU KNOW IS POSSIBLE.

 Take a break from the garbage and you’ll start seeing the beauty in the world. You will start seeing what IS POSSIBLE.

I pray you have the COURAGE to do that for yourself.

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