The Comfortable Choice Isn’t Always The Right Choice

You shouldn’t automatically take the easy route without really stopping to think through your choices. You shouldn’t assume the answer to your problems is the obvious one — to keep doing what you’re doing, to choose the path of least resistance, to make the decision everyone else has been pushing you into making.

Even though one choice might be much more complicated and require much more change, it might be the best option for you in the long-run. Putting yourself through extra stress now might be the only way to achieve fulfillment in the future.

You don’t want to settle for an average existence. You don’t want to stop moving forward once you’ve reached a comfortable point because you’re scared of losing everything you fought so hard to gain.

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, you’re going to need to step into the unknown. Sometimes, you’re going to need to take risks. Sometimes, you’re going to need to do the things that scare you. Otherwise, you might get trapped in a situation where you’ll never be happy — and you deserve to be happy.

Remember, there’s a big difference between feeling comfortable and feeling fulfilled. It’s not greedy to want more out of life. It’s not selfish to say what you have isn’t good enough and you want to search for more. You’re allowed to make changes. You’re allowed to say goodbye to certain places and embark on new adventures.

The comfortable choice isn’t always the right choice, even though it’s the most tempting choice, the choice you assume is the safest bet.

The easiest thing to do is continue down the path you’ve already laid for yourself. It’s what everyone is expecting you to do, so there aren’t any surprises. It’s familiar — for you and everyone around you. However, it’s easy to confuse familiarity with comfort. It’s easy to assume you must be happy because you’ve never lived any other way.

However, you have to take the time to sit yourself down and ask yourself whether you’re actually in the place you want to be. You have to figure out whether you’re doing what you want or whether you’re simply going wherever life takes you, even if that’s in a direction you aren’t all that excited about.

You never want to get so comfortable in a situation that there’s no escaping it. You never want to stop asking yourself whether you’re really, truly happy with your world. You can’t assume you’re on the right path without putting any thought into it. Check in with yourself regularly. Put as much effort into getting to know yourself as you put into forming bonds with other people.

Remember, the most comfortable choice isn’t always the right choice for you to make. Sometimes, you have to break out from your comfort zone. Sometimes, you have to take a chance on yourself, even though it’s scary, even though it makes you uncomfortable. Yes, you could lose something wonderful by making the riskier choice, but you could also gain something wonderful. TC mark

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