The Two-Day Phone Challenge

Takeaway: This week, try going three days without charging your phone. Or, if you can’t stomach that idea, try two.

Estimated Reading Time: 44s.

Could you make your phone’s battery last two days without charging? As a stretch goal, what about three days? How differently would you need to use the device to make it last that long? 

Consider this a challenge from me. 

We live in a noisy, unpredictable world. When we’re not careful, tuning into this noise can affect our productivity, mental health, and overall well-being. There are ways of staying connected with what’s happening in the world, while defending our attention against too much negativity. This experiment will help you get there. 

My wife and I are doing the same this week, and next week’s podcast episode will reveal the outcome of this little experiment. If you have any thoughts about the challenge or just want to say how it went for you, shoot me an email!

Have a great week. 

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Chris Bailey has written hundreds of articles on the subject of productivity, and is the author of two books: Hyperfocus, and The Productivity Project. His books have been published in 20 languages. Chris writes about productivity on this site, and speaks to organizations around the globe on how they can become more productive, without hating the process.


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