There Will Be A Day When You Are Called To Be Brave

There will be a day when you are called to be brave.

The universe will turn to you without asking if you’re ready, and it’ll give you precisely what you wanted, even if it comes in a different package. It will open the door you haven’t seen because you’ve been “too busy” and push you through without first knocking.

And there you will be—face first with change and very likely afraid. This is when you will be called to be brave. When the world looks different, and your balance feels off, and your worries start climbing up your heart. This will be the moment when your limits will be tested and your potential will be stretched.

You will have a choice between standing still or standing tall—despite it all. You will have a choice between facing this change or closing your eyes and trying to run away. You will have a choice to be fueled by fear or ruled by fear. And darling, I hope you choose wisely.

Because I know what it is like to be afraid. I know what it’s like to question whether you’re strong enough, smart enough, wise enough—if you’re at all enough. I know what it’s like to be so close to everything you’ve ever wanted and then question if it’s right for you. Do I deserve this? Can I handle this? What if I lose all of this?

I know what it’s like to procrastinate on my dreams and to keep pressing snooze because I’m too afraid to see if I can do it. I know what it’s like to have a taste of success and then question the flavor. I know what it’s like to avoid going after what I want, because what if it doesn’t turn out to be what I want after all?

I know what it’s like to play games with myself—over and over again. When it comes to me and my fate, I know what it’s like to play both the victim and the tease. I know what it’s like to tip-toe to the edge and then shuffle back until I’m ready.

But I also know that this dance with destiny is not something I can continue doing. I cannot keep pretending that my dreams aren’t worth achieving or that I’m somehow not deserving of all the things I’ve longed for. I know that I’m afraid, but what if it’s the fear that’s there to save me?

Darling, there will come a day when you are called to be brave. There will be a moment when the world will stop coddling you and force you to step into who you were meant to be. There will come a time when the Universe will toss you into the ring and tell you to win this thing.

And when this happens? When you’re launched into unstable grounds and unsure how you will even be found? I ask you to be brave. To remember how many times you have been saved—by nothing but your own resilience. Remember how many mountains you’ve climbed and how many times you’ve battled your demons and won.

Because when this moment comes to you, it’ll only be the beginning. And when you arrive, you can choose to grow and to get to know your full potential, or you can keep waiting for more signs, more time, and more excuses. So when you arrive, I hope you don’t just look fear in the face; I hope you smile as you introduce yourself.

There will come a time when you are asked to be brave, and you will have a choice to cave or to engrave your story in the sky for everyone else to see. You will have a choice to be a playful part of your life or just to watch your life play out. You will have the option to continue to wait for inspiration or to inspire everyone else.

And if, even after knowing all of this, you still feel yourself questioning your power, then I ask you to remember just one more thing. You would not be faced with this opportunity, this challenge, or this moment if you could not handle it. The Universe is daring you to stop settling and to affirm every wish you’ve ever made. It’s asking you to be brave.

So when you feel unbalanced or afraid, come back to your purpose. Come back to what puts a spark in your soul. Come back to what lights you up, even if it still feels uncomfortable to claim. Come back to inner knowing and know that you are unlike anyone else.

One day you will be called to be brave, and then someday, the world will tell the story about what happened next. What will your story say?

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