This Is Me Falling In Love With Life Again

This is me learning to slow down along the way to notice the way a stranger smiles at me randomly in the street. This is me learning to be more present at the moment and enjoy the everyday little things, like that quick chat I have with the barista till the coffee gets ready or that joke the supermarket guy cracks while handing me my bag of groceries or these random conversations with taxi drivers.

This is me learning to be more aware of my surroundings so I don’t miss all the beautiful little things around me, like seeing two lovers holding hands or an old couple sitting together having breakfast while talking and laughing with each other.

This is me learning to live more mindfully. I am slowly learning to take the time to enjoy the sun rays and feel their warmth on my face. I am taking the time to feel that breeze of air that comes in the midst of an extremely summery day or that drop of rain on my face. This is me learning to be more present in the moment. This is me bringing my awareness to my surroundings — this is me enjoying the sound of waves while sitting in front of the sea and feeling how soothing it is.

This me getting inspired by the little things in life. This is me looking up at the sky to notice how it turns so beautifully and magically during each sunrise and sunset. This is me feeling the cheerful energy of the dogs when I play with them and the calm happiness of cats when they purr while I pet them. This is me feeling the spontaneity of kids and embracing how they can ignite this childish part within me and make me act goofy around them.

This is me noticing how my body moves without thinking to the rhythm of the music. This is me enjoying discovering a new song and getting hooked on it so much that I just keep playing it nonstop. This is me enjoying the long drives and long chats with my friends while listening to our favorite music.

This is me falling in love with how every time I travel, I get exposed to something completely new and unfamiliar. This is me loving how I keep falling in love with different places, cuisines, and cultures. This is me looking forward to the adrenaline rush I get from doing something crazy and exciting.

This is me falling in love with listening to others’ stories and getting to know who they are. This is me taking the time to enjoy that warm cup of tea during the coldest days and that ice cream I eat on a hot, summery day. This is me looking forward to that first dip in the sea during summer. This is me falling in love with that moment when I make eye contact someone else and we just feel a connection between us.

This is me looking forward to seeing the dreams of my loved ones becoming true. This is me yearning to read a new book that will completely blow my mind. This is me waiting to watch new movies that will move parts in me and ignite different emotions inside of me.

This is me falling in love with the act of loving others and being loved. I am falling in love with discovering new passions and interests.

This is me getting excited about the progress I see in myself every day as I grow up. This is me falling in love with the moments of pure humanity I get to see every day in front of me, whether it’s someone feeding a stray animal in the street or someone helping someone else without expecting anything in return or someone fighting for someone else’s rights.

This is me admiring the diversity that exists in life. This is me paying more attention to how everyone dresses differently and has their own unique style that says something about them.

This is me becoming eager to hear all the stories that I have never heard before and taste all the flavors in life that I have never tried before. This is me becoming so excited about the idea of still meeting all the people that I am meant to meet but haven’t yet. This is me getting excited about the idea that there are so many things I have yet to experience. This is me slowly regaining my appetite for life and falling in love with it all over again.

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