This Is What True Contentment Feels Like

It took me so long to get here, to find one day of solace, of comfort, after a long storm. It smells like fresh, gooey raspberry jam and honey spread thick on a warm, buttery scone. I invite you to take a slow, crumbly bite into the goodness of contentment with me.

Contentment feels like I drank a full bottle of red wine at a leisurely pace over a few hours. Now I have a full body buzz.

Contentment feels like a deep sigh that flows from my nostrils to my belly button to my toes, ebbing with warmth and kindness towards myself.

Contentment feels like time slid its index finger over the pause button on life.

“Oops,” time whispers with a smile as I lean into the abyss. I don’t feel scared of time anymore, of aging, and of other tribulations that might usually bug me.

I can’t tell you what caused this extreme peace inside of me. I can tell you that this is one of a handful of days in my 20-something years of life that I have ever felt like this. It feels like I sank my teeth into a baked chocolate chip cookie, perfectly sweet as it melts over my tongue. I barely have to swallow as it travels down my throat. I salivate for more, and more keeps coming.

Contentment feels like a bath that stays the perfect temperature for hours, where the bubbles stay frothy no matter how much time has passed.

It tastes like the first exciting, tangy sip of champagne. Today, we celebrate life.

It feels like the love of my life running their big, strong, soothing hands down my arms and whispering “Everything is alright now” in my ear, with a soft forehead kiss to top it off. And I believe them.

It smells like a fresh bouquet of roses slicing into a cold vase of water. I run my fingers over the smooth, passionate petals and inhale the scent of life.

It looks like my toasty skin under the July sun as I tan on hot sand, the rays making my skin glow. I look to the sky through my big, dark shades.

It sounds like my favorite song, strumming into a quiet evening as my lips mouth the familiar words of its beautiful tempo. I was just thinking about this song, and the universe heard me and played it back from the stars.

I have no worries. My worries evaporated yesterday. Maybe they’ll be back tomorrow, but for today, I can finally just be.

I may be alone, but I feel so connected. My words flow, my thoughts quell, my body centers, and I am divinely human.

Contentment feels like I’ve uncovered some ultimate humanity. I hope you feel it, too.

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