What Winter Can Teach Us About Healing

I have never seen a season more unapologetically bold than the winter. Each step it takes is filled with an elegant confidence that pulls you in. And there’s a lesson of healing it teaches through its presence. A radiant light of encouragement in the dark.

Each year, the winter arrives wondrously to share its beauty with others after patiently waiting so long to finally express its love through the season. Wholeheartedly, it accepts the truth it’s always known. And you need to be patient with your healing in the same way. One of the most important parts of healing is acknowledging how you feel about your hurt. Then, you can begin to grasp that what is not meant to serve you anymore in your life will go, no matter how badly you want it to stay. And whether it’s friendship, love, or the thing that sets your heart on fire, the bravest thing you can do is let it. Let the coldness wash over you like the harshest snowstorm you’ve ever seen, because it will always pass.

Choose hope for your future the way winter places hope in countless hearts through its promise of rosy holidays and special time with loved ones. Every new day brings glistening chances, and healing comes with them. It comes by the little things you do just to get by that end up mattering the most. Finding the routine that gets you through the day even when you feel like you can’t. Because the more you push forward, you’ll realize that you are more than capable of picking yourself up. And you’ll know you’re healing when you begin to focus on doing what makes you happy, until you slowly learn to love yourself again as your heart radiates light to those around you. Just as the season brings heartwarming gifts of crystal snowflakes and white adventures for picturesque memories to come.

You heal fiercely when you understand how strong you truly are from all of the rough times you’ve survived. When you discover that there is so much more good on the other side of your hurt. You just have to push through to see it. So be determined with yourself like the winter is by its wisdom. It doesn’t mind what anyone thinks about its mysteriously charming ways. Remind yourself that you don’t need everyone to agree with you in life, especially when it comes to your healing process. Because at the end of the day, the decisions you make leave lasting effects on your heart and mind that you’ll have to live with forever.

Let the winter guide your healing. And as the season comes to an end, you can move on with a lighter heart, eager to welcome the dawn of spring yet remembering every step you took to get there.

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