When You Compare Yourself To Others, You Diminish Your Own Light

In the digital age, it is easy to idolize people through social media platforms and compare your life to theirs. Comparison is linked to feeling insecure, and insecurity is linked to fear. Insecurity is to lack self-confidence. Fear is to be threatened by something that can cause you harm. Low self-confidence and fear can corrupt your mind and change how you view yourself and your life if you allow it.

All it takes is one view, one click, and one quick scroll to encounter someone else’s life on the internet. You will see someone with “bigger” and “better” things than you. You will see them working at that job you wanted. You will see them in that car you liked. You will see them in the home you loved. You will desire their lifestyle and wish you had the things they earned.

You do not get to see the full story of that person’s life. You do not see what is hidden. You do not get the uncut and raw scenes of those lives you choose to worship. You get a preview of what they decide to upload. And yet, you visualize yourself with what someone else has, wishing you had those things.

When you compare yourself to someone else, you diminish the light of your own life and enhance the light on someone else’s life. You tuck away your layers of uniqueness and individuality. Instead, you seek this form of similarity and being common.

Performing these actions can cause you to look at yourself in a bad light and become depressed. You will tear yourself down and feel unworthy. Comparison imprisons you behind bars of self-doubt and mind manipulation. You will believe anything you tell yourself as you view someone else’s story.

It is easy to place yourself in different shoes that you have not walked in and say you want to live the life of another person. If you switched shoes with another person, you would not be able to walk a mile in them. It is easy to admire good moments of other people’s lives, but it is a lot harder to admire a person’s full story that is flawed and filled with bad moments.

The truth is no one is perfect, no matter how much they portray themselves to be. We are all flawed and imperfect. There are things we all wish to have in our lives. You may not have everything, but there are a lot of great things to be thankful for. One of the greatest things is you. You get the opportunity to follow the purpose God has set forth for you.

You can keep up with another person’s life wasting time, or you can keep up with your life manifesting your goals and dreams. You can wear a mask and cover up your story, or you can be yourself and reveal a powerful story. You can choose between a false reality or your reality.

Stop keeping your light hidden in the shadows. The world needs to see your wonderful existence. Life is not meant to be a competitive rat race. Each race is meant to be indifferent and structured in unique qualities that draw each person apart—all different speeds, slow and fast. The race is between you and how you perceive yourself, not who you compare yourself to.

March to the beat of your own drum. Be bold and walk upright in your uniqueness. Be the star that shines the brightest and lights up the entire sky. The final decision is left in your hands.

I believe in you. Spread love and be great.

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