When Your Manifestations Have Not Come To Fruition, Try This

The day things started to make sense was the day I took control. Haven’t we all dabbled in manifestation, YouTube videos, energy crystals, vision boards, scripting, affirmations, mediation, and changing our lifestyles, only to be caught up in the lag of our desires? No, seriously, where are they already? How many hoops do I need to jump through, and why is there such a delay in time, for God’s sake?

This is the number one reason why people give up trying to practice manifestation. Every guru, book, and video states that we need to live in a state of “it’s done,” believing that our desire has already manifested, even though our 3D reality shows otherwise. Be grateful, be positive, and FEEL your emotions into reality.

Bullshit. I will not listen to another taped affirmation all night, meditate until I can’t breathe and my legs hurt from being twisted in a pretzel, take another cold shower to stimulate my cells, and fake a smile because my brain can’t tell the difference between reality and the story in my head. This is so much work, and all it does is promote burnout and create more anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness.

How many times do I need to be “one with nature” and walk barefoot to connect to the earth? Omit alcohol, detox my body with water, and do yoga? Oh, and please don’t be angry or have negative thoughts, because you will only receive that which you focus on!

What happened to being a good person? What happened to having faith that there is a higher power at play here and He has our back? If we live a life of being a better person than we were yesterday, giving love, and practicing gratitude, isn’t that enough?

Maybe it’s time to dial it back and strip things down to the basics. There is substance to focusing on the negative things and then manifesting them; we tend to focus on the lack and then wonder why we don’t have what we desire. We are all different people, with different shapes and sizes, different ways we learn and process information, and different ideals.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

You may feel wonderful in scripting your wishes into reality while the next person completely lets go and has unwavering faith. All I know is that if your desires have not come to fruition, it’s been a hot minute, and you are feeling lost, don’t give up!

Find another way. Maybe you are a visual person and need to cut out pictures and look at them every day, or maybe you like to help other people and get fulfillment from that. Whatever it is that brings you joy or gets you to believe in yourself and empowers you to trust in abundance, do it! You may just need a complete break from all of it and to say to yourself, “I trust that the Universe has my back—it knows exactly what I want, and now I am going to get out of my own way and allow it to do its magic.”

Somehow, no matter what your age, no matter what you look like, you need to be confident right now! You need to throw out all the crazy techniques, find one or two that make you feel good, and bring your awareness back on to your personal growth and not another person or thing!

Maybe you need to clean and organize your home to get ready for a life partner to show up, maybe you need to do a side hustle that leads you to your dream job, maybe you need to join a gym to get in shape, but you need to DO SOMETHING! Sitting at home and visualizing in a dark room with a candle may help to set the tone, but you still need to take action!

If you are doing everything you can to create the life you want and it still isn’t here, relax, have faith, and let go. You have done the hard work, and now it’s time to relinquish control and allow it to happen. That is a form of taking control in a beautiful way.

Today I hit a new state of hopelessness and became burnt out from giving too much energy to all the wrong things and techniques. Today I threw them all out the window and decided to let go. Today it all made sense. Today was the day I finally took control and believed in me, believed in my worth, believed that I am important, and gained the confidence to know that I deserve what I desire.

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