Woman Becomes Nurse Practitioner At The Same Hospital She Used To Clean

Achieving your dreams has no age limit, but sometimes, life gets in the way and we forget just how possible it is. That’s why stories of real life people who overcame all odds to achieve their goals are a strong reminders that we can do it, no matter what.

Such is the story of Jaines Andrades, who in 10 years, went from custodian to nurse practitioner in the very same hospital she used to clean at.

Her first entry in the medical field

Jaines used to be a fast food worker. Then, 10 years ago, she received a call from Baystate Medical. They granted her an interview and thus started her journey as a custodian, which was central to getting her to where she is today.

Even if it was cleaning, as long as I was near patient care I’d be able to observe things. I thought it was a good idea.

Jaines Andrades in Boston CBS Local

Alongside her hard work at the Springfield hospital, Jaines was also attending nursing school. She always knew she wanted to help people.

When do you let a random stranger into your life? Into the most personal parts of your life? Rarely. As a nurse, we get that. I just really love the intimacy with people.

Jaines Andrades

10 years in the making–and worth it

Jaines values the 10-year journey that took her from custodian to nurse practitioner. She said that it let her to become the best version of herself, a more empathetic caregiver.

It’s tough to be the person that cleans. If I had to go back and do it again, I would. It’s so worth it.

Jaines Andrades

And at the end of the day, Jaines feels even more thankful that her unorthodox journey has inspired people.

“I’m so appreciative and like in awe that my story can inspire people,” Andrades said. “I’m so glad. If I can inspire anyone, that in itself made the journey worth it.”

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