Your Heart Is Broken, But You’ll Be Okay

Dear You
How are you?
Are you doing okay?
Let me guess that you can’t sleep again
Not because of the heat
But because you suddenly remembered who made your heartbeat
It’s already two in the morning
Yet here you are, expressing the pain through your writing.

Dear You, daydreamer and believer
Who sees themself in every book and poem
Aspiring to be that character in that rom-com movie
Or the one being serenaded by that one sweet song
Hoping and believing it could happen to you too
But all you’ve gotten are heartbreaks and disappointments.

Dear You with a broken heart
I’ve lost count as to how many times you’ve come back
One? Two? Three? Five?
Aren’t you tired yet?
How many times have you told yourself and others that you’re done?
Done looking for love
Done believing in love
Done being stupid
Only for your words to crumble into dust
Only because you saw the universe in their eyes
Or heard the heavens open when they talked
Or because you believed that their bare minimum was a gift from above
Aren’t you tired
Of looking for yourself in the eyes of others
Even though you can simply stare into yours in the mirror
So that you can know your worth?

Dear You
Who is trying to distract yourself by being busy
While tears roll down your cheeks
You, who questions why the universe is being unfair to you
As you see everyone around you getting into relationships
Go, go ahead and cry, for you are only human
You are strong, but also fragile
Go, go ahead and express your pain
And one day
When all of this feels just like a dream
And you wake up with the sun shining a bit brighter
Or that bowl of cereal tasting a bit sweeter
I promise that you’ll be thankful for what you went through.

Dear You, who is also amazing
I hope the time comes when you realize
That you can hold the world
Without needing to hold someone else’s hands
The time when you discover the wonder in your own voice
Without calling someone else’s name
When every prayer you offered for them
Becomes a prayer just for yourself
When you can go watch that rom com movie by yourself
Raising that single ticket as a badge of honor
I hope the time comes
When you can finally love yourself more
Than you ever did before.

Dear You who might stumble along the way
It’s okay
And it will be okay
Even if you trip and stumble and get enveloped by the dark
Because even in darkness, there is beauty
For when was the last time you saw the stars and moonlight
Or found fireflies in broad daylight?

Dear You, hopeless romantic
When you are ready once again
When you have wiped all the tears from your face
When you are ready to face a brand new day
Soldier on with a brave face
As you show the world how proudly you wear your heart on your sleeve
Don’t give up on love
Instead, try again
Be patient
After all, the best kind of love is received from the one above.

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