Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding a Baby & Drink at Dodgers Game — Twitter Goes Wild

A triple play in baseball is rare. Unless you’re this guy.

Steve Pettit was at a recent Los Angeles Dodgers game with his wife and two kids when he made the play of a lifetime — catching a foul ball, one-handed, while simultaneously holding a baby and a beer.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, he did it without spilling a drop. LEGEND.

The Ultimate Triple Play

Pettit, a Glendale Fire Department engineer, has been going to Dodgers games since he was a kid. So, when a co-worker scored tickets from his brother-in-law, Tommy Edman with the St.Louis Cardinals, Pettit jumped at the chance to go.

Pettit was holding his 16-month daughter in a carrier, beer in hand, when Edman stepped up to bat.

The shortstop popped up a foul ball into the stadium’s second deck, which in a bizarre twist, happened to be where Pettit was sitting.

With his eye on the ball, Pettit did what any dad and baseball fan would do: He rose up, his baby strapped to his chest and still clutching his beer, raised his free hand, and plucked the ball out of the sky like it was NBD.

And this may just be the greatest peak multitasking parenting move EVER.

“The ball just kind of came up, and it was kind of like slow motion,” Pettit told NBC Los Angeles. “It was sort of like, ‘Boop!’ It just like came right to my hand.”

The crowd went wild, cheering and clapping.

Even the sportscasters got in on the action, saying, “Dad’s making plays! Niiiiice.” And joking, “A beverage, a baby, and a baseball.”

Dad Catches Foul Ball and Twitter Has a Field Day

Los Angeles Dodgers/Twitter

The LA baseball team posted a video of the epic catch to Twitter where it quickly hit the big leagues, scoring 1.2M views.

Twitteratis applauded the dad’s quick reflexes and multitasking abilities. Some called him a hero, “Not all heroes wear capes!”

While others joked that he deserved a contract with the Dodgers, “3rd Dodgers catcher get him in here.”

One person tweeted, “dad power at dodger stadium is insane.”

Another said, “He’s MVP!!!”

“This is the trifecta of baseball and what we all as fathers aspire to. It’s the pinnacle. Triple BBB Baby beer baseball,” said another.

Other comments included, “Talk about dad energy,” “What a catch!!! This should make the top 10 plays of the week!” and “Dodger dad didn’t dodge.”

Pettit wasn’t the only winner that day. The Dodgers defeated the Cardinals, 6-3, to complete the series sweep.

Dads Are the Real MVPs

The proud “girl dad” didn’t just catch a ball that day, he made a family memory that he’ll never forget. And neither will his daughter. She may not actually remember THE catch but we’re guessing that picture and video will be front and center for every single one of her life events.

‘It was fun. It was just a fun moment to share with the family for sure,’ Pettit said.

Spoken like a true parent whose used to juggling all.the.things. and doesn’t think twice about doing it. Because when it comes to multitasking, everyone knows, parents are the true MVPs.

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