Husband Opens Small Package From His Wife – What’s Inside Brings Him to Tears

This scene looks happy, even festive. The lights are bright, and a little girl’s toys are strewn across the floor.

But something’s off.

Sitting on the floor beside her is a man looking deadpan at the camera. He looks quizzical, even suspicious at the person behind the camera.

As you’ll see, he has good reason to be.

A Bizarre Buildup

right human eye
Photo by Liam Welch on Unsplash

The man is holding an object in his hand and barely breaks eye contact with the camera. Drowned out by the music is the faint voice of a woman, her voice barely audible.

He continues to stare back, looking down at the object and then back at the camera.

However, the words appearing across the screen slowly piece this puzzle together. By the time this short video is done, we can hear the voice.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

The man nods slowly, wiping the tears from his eyes and looking down at his hand.

“l’ll never trade this moment for anything,” reads the text across the screen.

A Soulful Surprise

a person tying a bow on a Christmas presentperson holding box
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

You see, the man in the video knows that it wasn’t too long ago that things weren’t so happy. The person he’s looking back at — his wife — knows this too.

Through the captions across the screen, she shares that their family put off holiday cheer due to ‘some devastating financial news.’ They even put candy in stocking stuffers and wrapped items they already owned ‘so our 3-year-old wouldn’t question why WE didn’t have any gifts.’

We also find out that a couple of years prior, her husband lost their wedding band and ‘he was devastated.’ “It was a crappy little fake gold band we got. All the gold had rubbed off and it was silver,” she writes, “but he loved it.”

You can almost tell that they are both thinking the same as her husband looks down at the object. It’s at that moment that his wife shares the motivation behind this magic video.

‘Then I saw this ring while getting groceries last night. It’s not frilly. It’s not super expensive. But it is real gold and was the only one left in Ben’s size,” writes Ben’s wife.

How a Wife Proves That True Love Is Priceless

During financial struggles, husband receives emotional surprise from wife for Christmas 😭❤️❤️

There’s a saying that money is the root of all evil. Whether or not that’s true, we know that it has doomed many marriages.

Per Spectrum Family Law, “Arguments about money (are) by far the top predictor of divorce.” It continues to say, “Money was the second most common subject that couples fight about — after infidelity. Finances can be more damaging to a marriage than arguments about children, sex, the in-laws or anything else.”

Words can’t express how tragic I find that fact. Call me an idealist, but the notion that money can drive a wedge between two humans who otherwise love and cherish each other is one of the saddest stories ever told.

It’s what makes this story so touching to me and over 13 million others.

“Oh my heart. U can actually feel what this means to him just watching this. That’s real love. U can see what his wife means to him,” writes one.

Another commenter put it perfectly, “As a man, it doesn’t matter the cost. HE appreciates the thought. That to him means everything. He appreciates it. No matter what he says.😊”

Among quotes about love, one by Seth Adam Smith reads, “We simply can’t abandon ship every time we encounter a storm. Real love is about weathering the terms of life together.”

I’m blessed to have had front-row seats to my parents enduring through the storms of life, together. Just like them, this video shows us that in life, the true beauty of love lies in the struggle.

*Featured image contains photos by SHVETS production

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