Read This When You Feel Worthless

I hope you know how miraculous you are. Despite the unsurmountable suffering you may be facing. Regardless of how dire your circumstances appear. I believe in you.

I believe in you, but I will not lie to you. Sometimes the people, jobs, and goals that keep us suffering never improve. We might never earn their love. We might not get the promotion we deserve. We might never accomplish that goal that feels like our purpose.

Sometimes quitting is the ultimate goal. At times, quitting might feel like failure. Yet, when you look back, you will know it as success.

There will come a day when you recognize your worth.

Stop pouring all your love into the people who cannot love you back. Maybe it is their trauma. Maybe they have a great excuse for not loving you the way you need to be loved. Stop assuming that their story is your burden to carry. You deserve love. They deserve it too, but they simply are not accepting yours. Move on. You both deserve love, but together, you will not find it.

Stop dedicating yourself to a job that would replace you in an instant. Nothing is worth your peace. Perhaps the salary is wonderful. Maybe the vacation days are great. I understand there are reasons for staying that I could not comprehend. I still promise you this: Better things await you.

I have lived for weekly paychecks. I can promise you that the numbers adding up in my bank account never provided me the level of satisfaction that submitting my resignation did. I have lived for vacations. I can promise you that the holidays I spent recovering never made up for the days I starved myself of happiness.

Ask yourself this: Why are you dedicating your loyalty to anything that considers your happiness a worthy sacrifice?

Stop beating yourself up for all that you did not accomplish. Dreams are the magic elixirs of hope. They keep us moving forward. Yet, if you are chasing dreams that leave you breathless, perhaps it is time to take a moment to catch your breath. Reevaluate the situation. Are you chasing your dreams or an old story no longer meant for you? It is okay to change directions.

I believe there is magic inside of you that you have not discovered. I know you have hidden talents that remain untapped. I am certain there are people on this planet wishing for someone like you to hire, to love, to support, and all you need to do is decide. Decide to quit.

Quit being so hard on yourself. You are worthy simply for showing up to each new day. It cannot be earned or lost. Your worth is determined by your existence. It simply is.

I know this moment feels hopeless. When things become dire it can be tempting to give up on your soul. Instead, I hope you give up on the things that are starving your soul. What are you feeding that leaves you hungry? Take back your source.

Sometimes it is not that easy. There are bills to pay, people relying on you, or things that must be done. Take a moment to recognize that this does not have to be your circumstance forever. I believe in you because I know what is inside of you.

Take a moment to look inside.

Close your eyes. Place your hands on your heart and know that there is hope because you are still here. Place your hands on your belly and know that there is hope because you are still full of life and dreams unrecognized. Place your hands on your lap and allow your palms to remain open. Open yourself up to receiving.

Allow yourself to slow down. Find a moment of gratitude and notice one thing that is going right, even if it is simply your beating heart or your breathing belly.

When your mind is still and your body is calm, you will remember your truth. You were not placed on this earth to suffer. You are capable and worthy of love. You are worthy of fulfillment. You are worthy just as you are.

I have looked inside the hearts and minds of thousands. I have heard stories of shame and suffering. My job is to witness the sorrows of people. I hold their secrets, but this secret I cannot keep inside.

Beneath every story that is told there is a current of truth. We are loved. We are worthy. We are enough. Just as we are.

Breathe and remind yourself of this truth. Eliminate anything and anyone that tries to convince you this is a lie. Then you will find your peace.

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