Stranger Sees Boy Visiting His Mom’s Grave With Piece of Paper – Then She Discovers the Heartbreaking Reason Why

Losing a loved one is never easy, but it’s particularly devastating when a child loses a parent. There are so many missed moments and questions about what could have been, making it one of the hardest situations to go through.

So to witness a child handling that kind of thing with grace is heartwarming. And it’s one reason why this story has gone viral.

Little Boy Suffers a Heartbreaking Loss

In April 2023, a TikTok video capturing a little boy visiting his mother’s grave was shared far and wide. In the clip on the since-deleted account, a boy named Kike sits in front of the grave with a piece of paper. He speaks to her in what has become a daily ritual for the child.

One day a woman noticed the child, which is how the since-deleted TikTok was born. According to La República, Kike visits his deceased mother as a way of staying close to her.

“She died six months ago. I come here for six months to visit her and do my homework,” he explained. “I just got out of school, and every day I come to visit her. When I leave school, I come because she is close.”

According to the child, he misses his mom a lot but knows she is with him in spirit. So when he visits her, he brings his homework and always shows off his grades to make her proud.

“I miss her a lot, and even though she is in heaven, I know that she sees me and is very proud of me,” he explained. “She died of a pain in her stomach, she died in bed, she screamed a lot, and one day she was no longer capable, so she passed away.”

A Community of Support

While the TikTok post was active, many people shared their thoughts and sympathies. It’s hard to lose a parent, no matter what your age, but as a child, it seems particularly tough.

“It broke my soul,” “My heart breaks,” “It breaks my heart, that boy is so cute,” and “It really is the saddest thing for a child,” were some of the comments people shared, as per La República.

“Some ungrateful kids need to watch this video,” wrote one person. “This boy is so strong and brave. He definitely feels his mom’s presence.”

“My heart broke into pieces,” added someone else. “It shows he will be an amazing man, regardless of his mom being gone.”

The Universal Experience of Loss

This story just reminds us that the experience of loss is universal and it can be devastating, but it’s communities, friends, and family coming together that help a person get through.

The mourning process is never easy (and it never truly goes away), but by sharing stories of the person you’ve lost, you really do keep their memory alive.

The little boy in this story also just makes us want to hug our own parents, children, and anyone else who is special to us while we still can. Never take those you love for granted, and make the time now before it’s too late.

After all, tomorrow is never promised, so it’s important to make those memories while we still can.

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