You Deserve To Feel Like You’re Good Enough

If you’re like most of us, then you’re likely no stranger to desiring change. A new job, more money, a smaller number on the scale, a new relationship—the human condition often wants a different set of circumstances in exchange for the ones we currently have.

There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s our desires that keep us moving forward, working on ourselves, and growing into the people we are meant to become.

But here’s the thing about your desires, whatever they may be—they’re not actually about acquiring the specific thing, circumstance, or outcome itself. You want the things you want because what you really desire is a different relationship with YOURSELF. We want to feel good about ourselves, confident in who we are, and worthy of all the abundance that life has to offer, and we think that the way to get there is through changing what we have.

We want to lose weight or look a certain way because we imagine what it’ll feel like to stand in the mirror and love what we see.

We desire more money because we want to know that we are capable of creating it for ourselves, and we want to taste the freedom it brings.

We want a certain type of romantic relationship because we desire to feel loved, seen, understood, and supported.

We want to feel uninhibited in showing up as who we really are. We want to step out of our heads and into our lives. We want to be free to be who we want to be and do whatever it is we want to do.

We want to feel like we’re ‘enough.’

It’s not actually about the physical manifestations, but rather the ways in which we believe we’ll get to feel about ourselves once they show up.

However, here’s the problem with society’s “once I get X, then I’ll feel Y” approach to life…

It’s backwards, and it’s setting you up for disappointment. Not only that, but trying to force external change to happen instead of doing the inner work and then allowing it to show up as a result is like walking up a downward-moving escalator—you’re working twice as hard for half the results (if you’re lucky).

The path to feeling confident, worthy, and free to be your full, authentic self is NOT about shifting anything outside in your physical reality. Changing how you feel about YOU and how you show up in the world is and always has been an inside job.

How many times have you lost the weight, gotten the promotion, made the sale, or created your desired change, only to soon thereafter be left feeling like something was still missing?

What if instead, you could go straight to the source of your desires and build your capacity to feel confident, worthy, and beautiful on the inside first so that it could then be reflected in your outer reality AND leave you finally feeling about yourself the way you’ve always desired to feel?

This is the change that you’re actually after—to become so filled with self-belief, self-trust, and self-love REGARDLESS of your outside circumstances that you’re both confident in your ability to manifest the shit out of a crazy abundant life, but always detached AF knowing that you’re good either way.

And that is not only the freedom-filled perspective through which you deserve to experience day-to-day life, but also the exact energetic state that allows for the effortless and consistent manifestation of your every desire.

Don’t chase after the abundance you want or the way you desire to feel about yourself. Create it first from within and then watch as your life and your experience of it transform in the most magical of ways.

You deserve better. You deserve to truly feel like the beautiful, abundant badass you are. You deserve to spend each day no longer questioning yourself or whether you’re worthy of the things you want most out of life. You deserve to realize just how incredible you really are and to believe it wholeheartedly, too.

Give yourself the gift of becoming your own biggest cheerleader and best friend and building a relationship with yourself that’s based in confidence, conviction, and authenticity. Then, use it as a foundation from which you manifest into existence all the things you’ve been desiring for yourself and your life.

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