Boy, 7, Saves 20-Year-Old Sister From Drowning With An Instinctive Yet Critical Move

One boy’s brotherly instincts saved his sister’s life in superhuman fashion.

She blacked out underwater

Morgan Smith of Brantley County, Georgia was on the bottom steps of her pool when she suddenly saw black spots. She remembers nothing of what happened next.

Meanwhile, her seven-year-old brother Aiden McCullough saw it all unfold and told CBS that he immediately feared the worst.

“I was thinking like, ‘Oh my God. Oh My God. She’s going to die.” 

– Aiden McCullough

Sibling instincts activated

Aiden jumped into action, holding his sister up by the hair to keep her head above water while he screamed for help. Adults soon arrived and brought her to safety.

It turns out that Morgan had suffered a seizure. She had been having several small seizures every day until doctors found a medication to cure them.

However, this was the first time she’d had a seizure in a pool. After that day, Morgan vowed to always use the buddy system when swimming.

Morgan knows she wouldn’t be here today if not for her brother’s quick response.

“I know that there are real-life angels because I’m lucky enough to call him mine.”

– Morgan Smith

“I have an everyday superhero in my life.”

Aiden is more than happy to wear the wings in the family.

“I think it’s amazing,” Aiden said. “I will never forget it.”

Blood is thicker than water

Reflecting on the events, Morgan knows that Aiden’s decisive actions can’t be taught in a handbook.

“He has never been taught how to help me,” she said. “He just knew I needed to be helped and did it.”

Already close before, brother and sister even closer together since.

“You are forever my hero and every day, I’m only more thankful that I get to call you my little brother. Sissy always loves you.”

– Morgan Smith

A sibling is so much more than just a helping hand. A sibling is someone who you can confide in and someone you can take strength from when it’s hard to keep your head above water.

Even if not close by like Aiden, they’re looking over you just as he watched over Morgan.

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