The Journey To Self-Discovery Featuring My High Heels

The road to self-discovery is surrounded by golden meadows with blooming wildflowers. And high heels have taken me there. I’ve loved wearing heels for as long as I can remember, and each step in them has led me into the journey of finding myself, wildflowers filled with learning moments guiding the way.

High heels have always helped calm my anxiety. Whenever I want a nice picture or to find the best outfit, my heels are there so I can take a second to catch my breath and just breathe in this busy world. They have a refreshing way of boosting my mood for the day and reminding me that everyone feels anxious sometimes, but that’s okay. I’ve realized that self-discovery comes with finding what helps manage your anxiety, even though it can feel immensely difficult. You have to try to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones and focus on putting your goals in action. Then you’ll create a gentle peace within yourself to take with you in life.

My heels have brought me an effortless confidence in enjoying new experiences. Each pair is a reminder of the dainty restaurants, lively concerts, and wonderland of comic cons I’ve visited throughout my life. And I’m so glad I’ve been on all of those adventures because they’ve helped me discover the things I love. That’s what self-discovery means—opening yourself up to different experiences and new places and taking chances by going after what you love solely for your own happiness—a happiness that will delightedly guide you in finding your purpose.

I’ve discovered the different parts of who I am through heels. I’ve walked into each season with them into captivating city streets and outdoors reminiscent of wine-stained love. Every step of the way, they’ve shown me how strong and capable I really am. And the journey’s been worth it. It’s the moments that you spend reflecting on your journey that help you discover yourself, exploring your strengths and weaknesses so that you can be the best version of yourself moving forward. Those are the moments you’ll begin to realize your true potential.

There’s something special about embracing who you are. It takes you on an endearing path that bleeds art with each opportunity it brings. Skillfully, the colors combine to make a masterpiece. And as I enjoy that view, I wonder where high heels will take me next.

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