Top makeup trends of 2021: Less is more, natural is in

Many of us are out of practice when it comes to applying makeup, considering lipstick-stained masks and an audience of one has been less than motivating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, keeping up with the latest trends can be important during our return to normalcy, for those who want to reemerge with a face that says “Everything’s fine.”

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From the “barely there” brows in the ‘90s to the bold and structured brows in 2016, makeup artist Janine Holmes says eyebrow trends are constantly changing.

Now, people are favouring natural and fluffy eyebrows, she adds.

“You achieve this by using a brow glue or pomade to brush the brows up and out — creating that feathered and bushy appearance,” Holmes says.

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Once you have your desired shape, she recommends using a thin eyebrow pen to fill in the sparse areas.

“This technique will give (your) eyebrows a really microbladed effect,” she adds.

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When applying concealer, Holmes says less is better.

Rather than applying product heavily under the eye, only apply on the inner tear duct and the outer corner of your eye, angling it upwards.

“It’s going to brighten up that inner corner … (and) really lift up the eye,” she says.

A few years ago, applying blush on the apple, or centre, of your cheek was considered the norm.

Holmes says this still looks good, but it rounds out the shape of your face.

For a more contoured look, she recommends applying blush on the cheekbones instead, and brushing towards the hairline.

“Think of ‘80s blush placement, but a little more modernized,” Holmes says.

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Lastly, for natural-looking and plump lips, Holmes recommends overlining between the cupid’s bow (where the upper lip meets in the centre) and the bottom lip. Finish by adding gloss to the centre, she adds.

“This will add some moisture and some pop to your lip,” she says.

For more tips on makeup techniques and trends, watch the full video above. 

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